Is Francis Becoming Radioactive Even For FrancisBishops?

A bizarre news hit the internet yesterday. The Dutch Bishops have not celebrated, as is their custom, the anniversary of the election of a Pope. The explanation given for this is even more bizarre: no time

The Dutch Bishops taken together are, as we all know, a bunch of heretics. They should have all the interest in the world to support Francis. They should be cheerleading for him day and night. 

Instead they have, literally, “no time for Francis”. 

Whilst it is difficult to know what is going on here, one can make a reasonable hypothesis: that Francis has made such an ass of himself that even those who are, like him, on the side of the demons prefer to keep their distance. 

It’s like being a South-American Dictator that is such an embarrassment to his own generals, that  they try to distance themselves from him even as they enrich themselves under his rule.    

Admittedly, there might be other explanations (from sheer laziness, to virtue-signalling because they are so busy “helping the poor” to, methinks, unwillingness to cancel the meeting at the Gay Sauna). But realistically, the one I have mentioned above seems the most realistic. 

A heretical Pope despised by his fellow heretics gives the measure of this man’s epic failure.    

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  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you might be confusing the Dutch bishops with the Belgian bishops. The most prominent member of the Dutch Bishops Conference is Willem Eijk, Cardinal, Archbishop of Utrecht, and hardly a Friend of Francis. (Supported the SSPX in acquiring the St. Willibrord Church in Utrecht.)
    Yet an insult this was…
    … and a YUGE one.

  2. I can’t give to you not the answers on all questions, of course, but it might help a little bit to see how each new day, around the globe, there are indeed, more and more Catholics who are finally waking up. However, many of them are rather still just trying to wake up…
    Therefore, this article on gloriatv, and my comment below, can be helpful to let us see how many battles are there now, inside each ‘house’. And, if you ask me, the worse ones who are standing in the way before the true Catholic fighters, and who are slowing down the awakening process of many, – actually are the neo-conservatives.
    And this here is the ‘answer’ from this morning from Dutch bishops to the petitioners.

    • Boy, it is the usual sensitive answer in P VI style that does not answer anything, actually even denies there might be a problem in the first place.

  3. Is it possible that the bishops in question no longer find Francis “useful” to their infiltration because he’s not very subtle?

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