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Pope Caprice

It has transpired that the CDF has sent a letter to the German Bisops stating, semel in anno, something Catholic: only Catholics are allowed to receive communion. This is in reaction to a statement from that worthy congregation of pious heretics that Proddies should be allowed to receive “in certain cases”, and the subsequent reaction of five of the six Bavarian Bishops (The sixth is obviously Cardinal nomen omen, Marx) that this is actually not Catholic at all.

You would say that, for once, the Evil Clown has done something Catholic. Well, not really.

Francis’ allergy to everything Catholic and his hatred for the Church is such that , even on those rare occasions in which political opportunity and the fear of being accused of heresy by his own Bishops move him to agree with Catholic teaching, he orders that the relevant CDF letter be not made public.

Once again, this man’s stupidity beggars belief. His decision is the epitome of childishness, as it is clear to a retarded dog that this behaviour is 100% sure to attract criticism from both sides, true Catholics and fake catholics alike.

Francis did not have the balls to put his signatures where his informal conversations with Protestants are ( I am sure most of you remember), but he also did not have the guts to even state what his position is; this, without a chance in hell of avoiding the decision, and therefore his staggering cowardice, from becoming known anyway. This is just too stupid for words.

Some people will now say that there must be some “cunning plan” behind this, as if obvious incompetence could be transformed into something smart. But this Pope has been the very embodiment of incompetence on too many occasions to allow us to think that there might be some sort of strategy behind this.

This is not strategy but caprice. The letter is an embarrassment forced on him by circumstances. Therefore, in first-grader style, he orders that it not be made public. Caprice, not brain, much less strategy, is what runs this man day in and day out, to the point of making himself the laughing stock of the thinking Catholic world because he can’t even keep his pettiness out of an apostolic exhortation.

Whatever this man does is stupid. He really is your typical Banana Republic incompetent dictator. This is how he managed to be submerged by ridicule and criticism even whilst having the job most immune from ridicule and criticism , at least from Catholics and certainly from many others, on the Planet.


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