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How Are Adolf’s Grandchildren Doing?

The 20th of April is, as those who love history know, Hitler’s birthday. Let us see, then, how his ideology is faring all over the West.


A staple of Hitler’s race control, Abortion was traditionally refused in Christian Countries. It is now legal in basically all of them, with very isolated exceptions about to disappear. Therefore, one can say that, on this, Nazism is doing very well in the West.


Nazis introduced euthanasia to avoid being burdened with the weak and the sick. It wasn’t compulsory, you see. People simply were led to realise that their life was not worth living. Europe seems to have upped the ante on this, now condemning children to die against the will of their parents. Living in Europe, I now expect to be euthanized at some point, volens nolens. Therefore, on this account I would say Hitler’s Grand-nephews have managed to become, quite likely, more Nazi than him.

Gun Control

Nazis famously introduced brutal gun control as soon as they came to power. His Nazi descendants, quite happy with the general gun control situation in Europe, are now trying to introduce Nazi legislation in the United States, then it should not be tolerated that there is a Western state where the citizen have the means to rebel against a tyrannical government. They will fail, of course. But one can see the old Adolf lookinb up, from hell, on young Mr Hogg and being proud of one of his grandchildren.

Mind Control

Another art the Nazi perfected with mastery, and which we see increasingly advancing in Western Countries. The same outlets which control communication first invent a new vocabulary (“gay”, “gay rights”, “marriage equality”, “reproductive rights”) and slogans (“hands up, don’t shoot!”), then proceed to demonise and brand as “haters” those who disagree with them, and finally proceed to crminalise the unwanted thought. Just like the Nazis did. Hitler has, therefore, conquered vast part of the Western hearts and minds in this, too.


The West is lagging on this, but the massive import of Muslims will not fail to make of at least Europe hell on heart for Jews, forcing them to flee Europe en masse. Therefore, on this front, too one must say the grandchildren are making Grandpa proud.

Of course, there are some differences. Hitler sent homos around with a pink triangle, “out and proud”, whilst his grandchildren actually like them. But in both cases, the demolition of Christian values and their substitution for a dictatorship made of extreme intolerance and mind control is what counts.

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