Alfie Evans

The dramatic events surrounding poor little Alfie Evans give a shocking portrait of what the United Kingdom has become: a Country in which every Christian vestige is rapidly disappearing as a deep vain of Nazism pervades the fabric of its society.

A hospital trying all they can to put an end to the life of a child, and a “justice” system supporting them in their effort: this is XXI Century Britain.

It order for the inhumanity to appear egalitarian, the child is not even allowed to live abroad, where Christian minds would have compassion of his little life. No, little Alfie Evans has to die, to satisfy the Nazi mentality informing our “health” system.

The show of brutality in this matter was such that even the Evil Clown felt it fitting to give a half-hearted support to Alfie. Really, this says it all about where we are.

This, my dear readers, is a Country allowing himself a big debate and years of controversies about the very occasional, perfectly legal killing of… vermin, but cannot stand the thought of a child whose life they deem unworthy of living (this is a Nazi concept: lebensunwertes Leben, “life unworthy of living”) to be allowed to live.

Satan is ravaging the West, and has England as a prime target. But hey, no fox is killed by rich people’s hounds now. They are finished off with guns instead.

One can really be proud.

If he is a Satanist, that is.


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  1. The bishops of the U.K. should instruct the police that accepting the assignment of “guarding” the death chamber, in order to prevent anyone’s saving Alfie’s life, makes them accomplices to murder–i.e., murderers. (Italy should include those police officers in their murder charges.)
    During the Rescue Movement in the U.S., which lasted from 1975 to 1993, about 60,000 people were arrested attempting to prevent abortions. Only ONE bishop in the entire U.S. (René Gracida) instructed the police that removing obstacles (in this case, people) that are preventing murders is to commit murder.
    I notice that the Queen has been as useless this week as she has been her entire life.

  2. Alfie continues to breath on his own, with minor oxygen assist. He has already proven the point, doctors have no idea when life will end or if it will end. The gubmint has tried to move itself into God’s realm and has failed miserably. They have lost all credibility. Will they acknowledge it?? The pope’s anemic words only demonstrate clearly he is purely a political animal, he cares nothing for this child nor his parents nor the Catholic teaching he is supposed to be advancing. Is the man possessed?
    For his own sake we pray Alfie continues to breathe on his own and live. It is a HORROR the state will not allow these parents to take their own child out and transport him to Italy. God bless Italy for having compassion and adhering to Christian principles.
    Great Britain should only be called “Britain”. She is no longer great. God will deal with her.
    Dear Jesus, please help Alfie Evans and his family. Amen.

  3. I agree. The UK is turning into a cesspit. It can only get worse unless people stop voting into power those who are determined to destroy us. We have a prime minister who claims to be a Christian yet supports abortion and sodomy. We have a monarch who holds the title of defender of the faith yet rubber stamps all anti-Christian legislation. We have catholic bishops who have abandoned the Church Militant. Please pray for England.

  4. The judge who has sentenced Alfie Evans to death belongs to the LGTBI lobby. Now we understand the cruelty of this prevaricating judge.

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