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Alfie Is In Heaven, Or: Killing The Sick, The British Way To Health Care.

I was cut off from blogging a few days, and as I am now in a position to do it again I am informed that Alfie Evans has died and is now, a child baptised in the Catholic Faith who died before the age of reason, most assuredly in heaven.

The consolation for the eternal destiny of the little boy must not distract us from the astonishing example of Nazi behaviour we have witnessed in his case: a hospital going to court to fight their way to kill a child entrusted to their care, and a judge siding with them and not allowing the child to be taken care of by other people.

The most creepy episode was – as a knew when cut off from blogging – the extremely creepy announcement of the father to , basically, put an end to the pressure and give up the fight. I initially thought this was a way for the hospital to save face: protesters discamp and Alfie is quietly sent to Italy. But this was obviously not the case, and it chills my blood to think what kind of threats have very probably been directed at the family to force them to give up. I am pretty sure I am not the only one to think that a state where children are killed by their own hospitals has no lack of secret services and investigators ready and willing to find, or amplify, or invent dirt to get rid of an obnoxious father now becoming a nuisance to the NHS killing machine.

As little Alfie enjoys heaven, let us reflect on what kind of “health service” is one that wants you dead. And let us also reflect of how many actors have, in this matter, merited hell.

Listen and learn, America.

This is what socialised “health care” will unavoidably become.


Why I Am Not Surprised?

The judge in Alfie Evan’s Case is a activist homosexual

I wonder why the press never mention such details. It is as if they considered such things irrelevant. Well, no, they aren’t. People of “that parish” will obviously have a very strong interest in undermining Christian morality in all its aspects, including the sanctity of life. It is perfectly reasonable to think that they will, in a matter like this, decide against every principle of Christian piety.

It reminds me of the Californian judge who, even more absurdly, decided that the prohibition of so-called same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, and was a homosexual himself. He never thought of recusing himself, nor was the fact found worthy of recusal by most commenters. It beggars belief.

Satan is eating Britain for breakfast.

No one seems to care.


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