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Alfie: Eight Things To Know And Share

Why was Alfie born with substantial health problems?

God allows some people to be born with health or physical issues in order to remind us that this is not the Garden of Eden, and the Fall accompanies our world every moment.

Is That all?

No. God also wants to remind us of the sacredness of every life and of its infinite value. Christian societies honour and protect life. Heathenish ones dispose of it as they see fit.

Can you make some examples?

In Sparta, weak children of the ruling warrior class were killed in order to maintain a eugenically selected race of superwarriors. In pre-Christian Rome, weak children were exposed outside of the house door, to be adopted if any couple was so inclined or die of cold during the night. In the United Kingdom, the killing of babies is ordered whenever a hospital or a judge deem wasted money to keep him alive.

Is it as bad as that?

It is worse. The United Kingdom does not allow even foreign states to accept the sick child. The child must die in the UK, so that no questions about the failing health system arise or malpractice is discovered.

But why had little Alfie to suffer? He was innocent, surely?

From the very start of Christianity, innocent babies have been slaughtered. Again, this is all due to the Fall. And as we read in the Gospel, cruel rulers do not hesitate to sacrifice the innocent.

What about Alfie?

Alfie is now most assuredly in heaven as taught by the Church. Like the Holy Innocents’, his suffering had a wonderful, eternal reward. He now enjoys happiness beyond the human ability to comprehend in the presence of God. Not as a child without reason, but as fully adult with all his mental faculties. We see here God’s Providence clearly at work.

What will happen of those who sentenced Alfie to death one way or the other?

They have most certainly committed a heinous crime in front of the Lord and, whilst the laws of men will very likely protect them from consequences on this earth, their heavenly judge will halt them to a very different standard than a heathen society. If they – by His Grace – repent, God will providentially show, in them, His Mercy. If he allows them not to, He will let them feel His Justice. In both cases, His Goodness with triumph.

Do you mean to say that all ends well?

On earth, certainly not. But in heaven, everything is ordered in the wonderful ways of God, Who orders everything according to perfect justice and perfect mercy.


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