Alfie: And Now For Something Completely Disturbing

The Italian magazine La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana reports that Alfie was, possibly, poisoned to avoid the persistence of the inconvenient situation in which a child ordered to die refuses to obey orders. I wasn’t there, but I know La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana as a very honest Catholic voice. Church Militant reports in English.

Normally, I avoid conspiracy theories. But this does not seem a conspiracy to me, or a theory. It seems fully in line with the mentality pervading the British so-called “health” system.

I hope that there will be a full investigation on this, and I actually hope that the Italian Justice will also start its own investigation as little Alfie died an Italian citizen.

The author of the article sums it up well:

This is what Alfie’s martyrdom did, as well as converting many hearts: It forced us to unite against a monster, to look at the brutality of a eugenics system disguised as democracy. A system with unlimited power over the person and considered a civil religion by English politics and justice. A power that crushes so many other fragile lives and spreads a utilitarian mentality that one must begin to fight if one does not want to do the same end.

One day, Theresa May may well be “euthanased”.

Unfortunately, she isn’t smart enough to understand it.



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  1. “Unfortunately, she isn’t smart enough to understand it.” Since evolution is false, and the bible is true, and Noah and forebears lived hundreds of years and creatures were as big as dinosaurs and had fangs like sabres, then the human gene pool is suffering the long term effects of entropy. We are all frail and dumb, relatively speaking, we are all handicaped, i.e. retarded, and should be euthanized or at the very least sterilized, including Teresa May, in order to sustain the future viability of NHS…if that’s the objective.

  2. Alfie Evans is a turning point. There was the world with him in it, alive, and the world with him after he was murdered by the state. A world where helpless babies are actively harmed, where a baby may survive the illness he had yet rather than he be helped he is deemed unfit for life and snuffed out, this is not a world a Christian can live in.
    And if we have grown so hardened we do not mind too much that a desperate father, trying so hard to save the life of his child, is taunted and brutalized by the regime, then we are not the human beings we like to imagine ourselves. What was said and done to the parents of this baby is nothing short of torture. What else should it be called when parents are told, your baby must die, WE say so, and don’t you dare make a face, you better smile and adjust your attitude, we don’t care for it. What is that if not torture? This is what the Nazi’s did, or the cruel slaveowners of the American south, or the Middle East has record of such barbarisms perpetrated against the innocent. But this is not supposed to be the “advanced” West, not Merry Olde England. Only it is. This is a nightmare.
    I can’t get over this, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to forget that helpless baby who was trying so hard to survive, and was doing it, when he was brutally murdered. And if the story is true, and his father had been taken away from his post guarding his child, and an angel of death did come in and give that child the drugs that caused him to die shortly after, I don’t think I’ll have words for that, except to say God should not tarry, he ought to send the meteor today.

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