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Austreten! Time To Leave The Kirchensteuer-System

The Weathervane strikes again

Let me tell you this: the pronouncement of the German church about allowing communion to protestant is going to come. I know how gregarious the Germans are, and how they always end up supporting what the majority has decided. It’s the new post-Adolf religion, and no one questions it.

This is why Francis is now asking for a unanimous decision about this sacrilege. He has clearly already been told how things will end.

I do not know what other proof people need to persuade themselves that vast parts of (soon, very probably all of) the Church in Germany have become official enemies of Christ.

When you have a Cardinal opposing the Crucifix in public buildings and promoting sacrilege, what is more to understand? When you have bishops who are such cowards, and so greedy, that they acquiesce to the request of institutionalised sacrilege for the sake of the Kirchensteuer, how can you keep seeing these people as worthy representatives of the Church they are called to defend?

Seriously: if, absurdly, a Muslim were to be appointed Cardinal in Munich, would he have the same openly anti-Catholic positions as cardinal Marx?

I am calling all German Catholics who read this blog to officially leave the Kirchensteuer-system, and tell their local priest why.

The Kirchensteuer is the main reason for all this sacrilege and enmity with God. It must end if we want to see some improvement. 



May Is The Best Month To Start The Rosary

The Rosary Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Hail Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us now, and in the hour of our death. Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

May is the Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

What better occasion than to make a resolution to start to pray the Rosary every day, than the month of May!

Among the heavenly investments   I have mentioned in a past blog post, the Rosary is – after Mass attendance, of course – very probably the best. Padre Pio and countless other saints insisted on the Rosary. Praying the Rosary devoutly every day is a beautiful sign of predestination. I cannot imagine a better way to enrich your prayer life – nay, your life – than to pray the Rosary.

When I die, I want my last rosary to be not older than the day before. And I can die every day. Therefore…

If you should read this blog for years and take from it the habit of praying…

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