Apocalypse… Soon?

If we lived in sane times, the astonishing mass defection and sacrilege of the German bishops would never take place. We do not live in sane times, and we are therefore witnessing the spectacle of a Pope saying to his bishops of one Country “I will support your sacrilege and heresy if you are unanimous in your decision to be heretical and sacrilegious”. It beggars belief.

What we might be about to witness is a situation where the “dissenting” German bishops agree to the sacrilege and heresy in situation which they think they can still sell – to the dumb and the reprobate – as exceptional circumstances prior to conversion , whilst all the others will immediately proclaim the new rule as “communion by conscience”. And already writing this gives the scale of the insanity.

The situation is, as we all know, very similar to the Dutch Schism. However, Paul VI never implied – weak as he was – that he would endorse the Dutch Schism if the Dutch bishops all agree to it. Therefore, the Dutch Schism remained a situation of centrifugal forces not countered from Rome, rather than aided and abetted by it.

If this happens, we will have another first in the history of the Church: Rome siding with Schismatics. The mind boggles. This would be more than a nuclear scenario, as the atomic mushroom of open confrontation and conflagration of the Pope declared Schismatic and deposed would still be infinitely better than a situation in which the Pope is in schism with 2000 years of Catholicism, and nothing happens.

If this happens – and it might happen very soon – we must come to terms with what this means for us; particularly if, as it is most probably the case, no national churches will be found willing to declare the German Church in heresy, much less the Pope a heretic. Count here on the usual sofisms, meant to persuade the DumDums that “nothing has changed”.

I will, in this scenario, adopt what I think is the most rational position, that is:

1. Shout from the roofs that Francis is a heretic and should be deposed.

2. Recognise that, as long as this is not the case, the Pope is still Pope. Unworthily, but factually. A mad dog is still a dog until he is put down. A mad Pope is still Pope until he is deposed or deceased. A Pope in schism – an apparently absurd, but perfectly feasible situation – would still be such until he dies or he is deposed; then not a single Pope decides who is in schism according to whim, but the history and tradition of the Church; in such a way, that a Pope can put himself in contrast with all his predecessors, and still be the successor of all of them. Once again: a heretical Pope is, until deposed, still Pope. And those who refuse obedience to him do so not because he is not Pope, but because he is a heretical one!

The “first unofficial rule” of the Italian Army is: Gli ordini sbagliati non si eseguono (“wrong orders are not carried out”). But they are still orders! The saying is, wisely, that they are not carried out; not that, as they are wrong, they do not exist!

3. I will only agree that the See is vacant if the SSPX proclaims the fact. I consider it improbabile. They will rather, in case, proclaim the necessity for the Cardinals to restore the dignity of the Church. Failing which, we will have a heretical Pope, and the Lord will show us, in His own time, the way how things can be restored.

We might be about to face the Apocalypse, and I ask you from right now to not put your faith in a handful of gregarious, corrupt, weak German bishops and Cardinals. It is unlikely that they care for the Apocalypse, or believe in God in the first place. If they find it more convenient for them to give up and agree with the “majority”, they will do just that.

If the Apocalypse comes, it will find us more Catholics than ever, calmly observing the reality around us, understanding the roots of it, praying that it goes away soon, and confident that Providence will adjust everything in its own time. But even in this scenario it will not be for us to decide who is Pope and who isn’t. We will leave thus decision to Catholic organisations more qualified than us, because we aren’t the ones who can decide who is the Commander in Chief.

But his orders, we will refuse to carry out anyway.


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  1. “A Pope in schism – an apparently absurd, but perfectly feasible situation – would still be such until he dies or he is deposed”…or…converts? That would be astonishing!

  2. M, don’t forget that the authors of the epistles prophesied mass apostasy in the “last days.” We are well within that time period now.

  3. If Francis is a heretic, and I have every reason to believe he is, and if Francis was a heretic before his election to the papacy, and historical evidience leads me to believe he was. Then, according to the Conclave entry in the Encyclopedia of the Catholic Church (1914, Knights of Columbus), his election is invalid, null and void. If his election is null and void, how can he be deposed? Only a validly elected pope could be deposed. An invalidly elected pope is a usurper. He must be removed from occupying the papal throne. Only a state power, Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, Italy or the Swiss Guard can remove him. In formerly Catholic times this was done by Emperor Sigismund during the Council of Constance before Pope Martin V was elected. The Emperor removed Pope John XXIII from the papal throne. Pope Gregory, in Rome, voluntarily resigned for the sake of unity. He was later determined to be the true pope. The other papal claimant, with a weak claim to the papal throne, was Benedict XII, who refused to give up his claim. Emperor Sigismund did not send troops out after him, but gradually, everyone ignored him.

  4. If Francis is deposed, dies, or resigns, and Benedict is still alive the seat is not vacant. Benedict’s resignation was invalid. He did not retire, for he still is a pope (there can not be. Pope emeritus), and he wears white. The true pope is Benedict. Francis is a demon imposter. The seat, ironically, would be vacant if Benedict died and Francis was still alive. Canon 188.
    The solution is for Benedict to regrow his spine and take back active leadership and get Francis kicked out. Then he can resign properly, go back to being a priest, and we can we elect a new pope, or he may die brining out the same thing.
    SSPX is not the authority on this. And their actions threaten the unity of Jesus’ Church as much as the Germans and Francis. Especially since it seems grounded in ignorance.
    Get rid of Francis, recognize Benedict hasn’t lawfully resigned, and is still pope. Anything else is a fraud.

  5. Putting your faith in Benedict is a fools game.

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