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The Tragedy Of The Cowardinals Is Just As Big As The Tragedy Of Francis

Let us reflect for a moment on what is happening on the Ecumenical Sacrilege FrancisChurch is concocting.

The situation in which a Pope is openly implying that he will side with heresy if the group of heretics is compact enough would, in any other age, have caused a huge uproar all over Christendom. If the Church had a modicum of decency left, we would see countless bishops and entire bishops’ conferences – from Poland to Argentina, and from Sri Lanka to Uganda – demanding that the Pope cease and desist, or be dealt with as the Church deals with heretics.

I have no doubt that some meowing is taking place behind the scene. However, it is difficult to think that it will be more than that: meowing. Francis has already demonstrated on several occasion – from the second Synod to Amoris Laetitia, and from his treatment of the FFI to his dealing with paedophile scandal – that he not only does not care for politely expressed reservations, but despises and mocks those who express them.

A bully on one side, an army of eunuchs (in the best of cases) on the other. This is why we are in the situation in which we find ourselves here. This is why Francis can not even think of, but publicly state that he will consider supporting sacrilege. The faithful are being failed just as much by cowardly clergy as by an obviously heretical Pope.

One day Francis will die; and on that day, many a Cowardinal and bishop will discover in himself a heroism never imagined before, and never seen in action when the time was ripe. Plus, we will have the army of lukewarm idiots happy with Cowardinals who never did anything more than posturing, and absolving their clergy from any sin because they coughed when Francis was proclaiming heresy. And I do not know whom to despise more: Francis with his open work of demolition or those bishops and Cardinals – almost all of them, in fact – who are happy to wait that he dies and do pretty much nothing (or: nothing plus some Dubia, or a letter, or an interview here or there) to stop this man and his German minions in their track.

This crisis is the fruit of systemic failure in the selection of bishops and cardinals; a failure that has been going on for more than 50 years now and which had to bring to the present situation, because tampering with truth is like throwing oneself from a cliff: it can’t stop half way.

Whenever we think of how bad Francis is, we must reflect on how satanic Vatican II was. Unless this sinks in there will be no chance of the situation ever improving in a serious way, then you can’t cure the disease without a proper, accurate diagnosis.

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