No Cinderella, She

Cute little bitch, ain’t she?

Decidedly, royal princesses are not what they used to be.

Forget the Cinderella story. This one here has been around the block a couple of times, has already gone through a divorce and, being a TV star of some notoriety (the fact I can’t remember her Christian name even today is of no relevance), is most certainly not the retiring wallflower. She will eat the poor dum-dum alive; but then again it’s the bed he made.

This here seems to me not much a royal marriage as the prequel to a royal divorce. I might be wrong of course, but the ingredients are there. In fact, you might say that the impact between the still very rigid, formal environment of the Royals and the emancipated ways of the American TV star would be, in themselves, stuff for a TV show. But what, in the end, grates me the most of all this is the total decay of the very concept of marriage it exhibits, with Harry allowed to do what cost the crown to Edward VIII and not even one passing remark about what the Country used to be when it still had some fear of the Lord . Because you see: even in Protestant England, at that time marriage was more than a TV show.

Now we will have the populace enjoy this counterfeit of religion in Series One, and then enjoy again all the dirt when the divorce comes, in Series Two. Actually it is fair to say this: that if this had been a royal so-called same sex marriage, the novelty factor would have caused more interest instead of huge scandal.

Cyclists, motorcyclists and sports car fans out there: enjoy the free roads!

It should not be said this marriage was good for nothing.


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  1. Tedious to be bombarded at every checkstand with the tawdry Meghan Markle, a Catholic woman already married, going through the sham of a Christian marriage. The Church of England is a circus and the Queen is a decrepit old fool for having any part of it. The Catholic episcopate of England is remiss in not publicly decrying the all-around jeopardy to Christian souls. Adultery, adultery, adultery.

    • I did not even know she was Catholic? She is certainly Anglican now?

    • Oops, I misspoke. Apparently Mrs. Engelson attended Catholic high school but identifies as Protestant.

    • Yeah, I thought the same. Though I must say I did not bother to check.

    • Meghan is not Catholic, her father is Episcopalian and her mother is Protestant. She only attended a Catholic high school. However, she wasn’t baptised as a child and so had to be baptised and confirmed as an Anglican to marry Harry. Her first husband was Jewish, so I don’t know if she had converted to Judaism for her first wedding.

      This doesn’t surprise me at all – Kate and William had cohabited for years before marriage and had fornicated with other people before they got together. Although Kate was baptised Anglican (both her parents are Anglicans), she was confirmed only after her engagement to William. Both princes attend Sunday service rarely, their father occasionally and the Queen regularly.

  2. I give it 7 years tops. She comes from an unstable
    background and will find it hard to assimilate into the proper way of Royal living.

  3. Silly me, early on I thought this was about HRH Hill or aristocrat ascendant princess Chelsea (daddy Webb so proud). But then I realized!

    As 2050 approaches, and then the majority of legal voters in Jolly Ole England are – truly-Mohammedans, we will see how long there is a monarchy and how long the monarch says he/she is the “head” of the church of England. If a UK ruler HAD/HAS the power to declare 1. there is a new church in town and 2. and I am its head, [3. minor dogma: and I own all the Roman Catholic churches, monasteries, land, buildings, and chalices], how long do you think it will be before coronations, if at all, are done not in Westminster, but in a mosque? perhaps in a mosque on what was formerly the site of Westminster – if it has not be turned into a take-away pizza eatery.

    Jesus has and always will be the Head of His Church, in England and everywhere else.

    Guy McClung, Texas

    • I honestly think the day the Monarchy is abolished only the tourists will notice, and few of them. For the so-called CoE, not even the tourists. Actually, many people must think it is abolished now.

  4. But she is the perfect princess for this royal family.

    May true royalty ascend to the English throne one day.

  5. Even Henry VIII would call this marriage invalid because he knew that the former marriage had to be declared null even if one had to do it himself.

    Which our hierarchy AND pope have etched into the stonework of the Magisterium.

    But the citizens of merry old England are having a party. Do not bother them with laws when they are smitten with pomp.


  6. Give them bread and royal weddings, it takes their mind off the fact that they live under a totalitarian regime which will assassinate their children if they’ve a mind to and which has brought in darker replacements.

  7. Indeed I do think that this whole affair is going to end up being exactly as you predict. Ms Markle is indeed no Cinderella and has a somewhat dubious past. Poor, misguided Prince Harry.

    • Harry is as dumb as they come.
      He needed help to paint an abstract painting.
      Read the above again slowly, and shiver.
      The sins of the fathers, and all that.

  8. Theresa DeSimone

    Another superbly orchestrated Tavistock production. This wedding will serve the globalist agenda beautifully.

    • No idea. Didn’t see a second of it.
      Mohammed, Arvind and Janani (now representing the new generation of Brits) did not care a straw, either…

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