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The Silence Of The Cowardinals Creates More FrancisCardinals

The Evil Clown is about to appoint another dozen or so Cardinals with voting rights. This prompt me to some very sad considerations.

The crisis of the Church is not primarily a crisis of heresy. If is a crisis of mediocrity, conformism and tepid or, rather, lost faith.

Cardinal Burke has been wetting his lips for now 18 and more months about a possible correction. In the meantime, Francis has appointed – including the next batch at the end of June – some twenty or more Cardinals. This, mind, not during his Pontificate. Merely since the time Burke and his band of pathetic kitten recognised Bergoglio as a clear and present danger for the Church, even with the rather lax standards of V II prelates.

You could say that Bergoglio is trying to demolish everything Catholic, and you would be right. But the worst is to see that everyone is too nice, and too attached to their splendid palaces, to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, mainstream milquetoast Catholics think that Burke is a brave guy for muttering some words of dissatisfaction here and there, or for even playing paper tiger when he has a compliant audience. But this started around twenty FrancisCardinals ago, when the situation was much better than it will be at the end of June. Whilst Cowardinals shut up or posture, Rome sinks in a lake of Bergoglian heresy and socialism.

I am not a Quietist, and I therefore refuse to just sit back and think that the Holeeee Spiiirit will take care of it just like that. God works through men, and it is not enough to just sit back and do nothing.

We aren’t Cardinals or Bishops. But what we can do as simple faithful – within our family and circle of friends; as commenters or bloggers, or as tweeters, and so on – we should do. The time is coming when Bergoglian positions will be mainstream even within the college of Cardinals. The only way to counter this disaster is to react as simple faithful; not allowing the Burkes of the world to think that what they are doing is less than dereliction of duty and utter silent betrayal, and relentlessly fighting against the ¡Hagan lío! troops. Be vocal. Pray more. Introduce fast in your life. Do penance for yourself and for them. But be vocal, lest more people are confused.

The silence, or pathetic meowing, of the Cowardinals creates more bad Cardinals: the smoke of Bergoglio has entered the Church from the front door, whilst the kitten were meowing for the joy of the Pollyannas. Only God can, at this point, put an end to this. But when it happens it will be through the actions of men, not sending angels down from heaven.

We are being betrayed by the paper tigers no less than by the Evil Clown and his minions. The enablers are also accomplices. May they repent for their betrayal.


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