“Kensington” Manning: An Almost Suicide That Says A Lot

Bradley Manning, who is now smuggling himself under the name “Chelsea”, has announced her/his/its imminent suicide with several tweets, including one from the top of a roof. We are informed that whatever that person is (I vote “a he, but raving mad”) is now safe at home. The tweets have been conveniently deleted.

Several thoughts come to mind.

1. The idea of staging oneself in the act of committing suicide is another prime example of the childishness and self-centredness of this mutilated guy. These people have “me,me,me” all over their mind.

2. In sane times, mad people were charitably put in the madhouse to avoid them harming themselves or others. In mad times, mad people are considered sane. Except they obviously still aren’t. Therefore, they will harm themselves in the middle of the very people supporting or celebrating their madness. The Revolution eats her own trannies.

3. The virtue-signalling of the left walks over corpses. Even my cat knows that trannies are extremely unstable people. Some hard leftists wanted this whatever-he-has-mutilated-himself-to to run for office. The mind boggles. Of course, some people must have considered the higher probability of suicide following the strain of a Senate campaign, the polemics and the unavoidable defeat, and thought: “who cares?” It actually seems Kensington was simply ignored; which, to these people, is kryptonite.

4. We don’t know whether Manning was just putting himself on a stage like a Tranny Diva, or was in fact really on the verge of committing suicide. In both cases, my most charitable word of support is: repent. If that happens, there is hope. Unless that happens, all the “support” will have one very predictable outcome: hell.

In the end, the guy did not throw himself from the roof. Perhaps he realised he would be called a dick for that.

Which, after ridding oneself of one’s, must have been too much to bear.


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  1. Yeah the suicide rate for transgender people is incredibly high, and their cheerleaders could care less. I find it a horror that this is all promoted now in public schools to children, when the stats are known and understood but ignored. In our school we had one boy who was “transgender” and committed suicide last year at 14, but I note their is a new “GSA” Club, and the morning announcement a few weeks ago was to celebrate the insane state of MA in the US which fabricated a right to same-sex marriage some years ago.
    But the Democrats won’t ever let a zillion bodies get in the way of their belief system, and I do feel a great deal of pity for the victims of this terrible disorder. It’s heartbreaking to imagine, and these people deserve help not incitement to continue the path to personal pain and destruction. That’s not caring about them at all.

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