Beware The Advocates Of The Poor

So, has the newly appointed Cardinal (emeritus) Ticona wife and children? We don’t know because we weren’t there. However, the Cardinal defends himself saying that the rumours that he has a wife are unfounded. Well I believe that! What I would want to see is Bishop Ticona denying that he had a mistress.

You may wonder why I am so suspicious of the old.

This is because is an advocate of the poor as per link above. I deeply mistrust priests who are advocates of worldly causes. It seems to me that, more often than not, such advocacies reflect, firstly, loss of faith, and secondly, something to hide.

Does this have to be true in the case of Bishop Ticona?

Certainly not.

God forbid.

Perish the thought.

It can simply be that Francis has fund a way to elevate to the Cardinalate another one of his social justice warriors and full-fledged clan members without being – like Errazuriz and Maradiaga – implicated in scandals. Stranger things happened at sea.

Still: beware the advocates of the poor.

Even when they do not come bearing mistresses.

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  1. It’s like the liberals in politics and Hollywood who are always shouting for women’s rights, and then we find out they are the biggest abusers like Harvey Weinstein or that attorney general (from NY maybe ?).They’re becoming too numerous to keep up with and I don’t want to remember them. I still wonder how long the insanity can continue…

  2. God is doing His mass rescue mission for RCC, the world and revenging for sexual abused children now: all Vatican sodomites from top to bottom as well as sexual perverts, Satanic, traitorous priests all over have been exposed and will be rooted out. Innocent, little children always are victims of the pedophiles that’s why POTUS Trump follows God’s agenda to built thousands of thousands pedophilia indictment files. To get information, read Q Anon and Mark Taylor on Internet. God Justice has started already and come with the sword. God is great!

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