Bishop Ticona Is In Trouble, And Francis With Him

After Bishop Ticona has vehemently denied having a mistress and her children on the side, Adelante la Fe has published more details.There are addresses and schools , there are multiple witnesses, and solemn oaths. In short, the bishop is in trouble.

However this ends, it is clear that Francis’ ignorance and arrogance have, once again, prevailed over common sense and sound stewardship.

You don’t appoint a cardinal because he is an Indio and his father was a shoeshine. You have the men you want to have your reputation measured on carefully vetted, and you only appoint those above suspicion. You entrust the task of vetting candidates to people who know what they’re doing and can speak frankly to you.

Francis appoints Bishops and Cardinals accordingly to whim, sympathy and ideological proximity (= shared hate for the Church). He is obviously not able to select decent men for the task, men whom he can trust. He is, possibly, never told the inconvenient truths about the one or other canfidate for fear of his stubbornness and temper. He is, possibly, truly so stupid and arrogant that he is informed of the problems and decides to go on nevertheless out of pure childish, stubborn idiocy.

Francis is seriously, seriously incompetent. There is nothing that he can manage to get right, not even the appointment of wrong Bishops and Cardinals. He is, I am sure, at this point the joke of half the planet’s priests – nay, make it three quarters – when they can talk to each other in confidence.

In the tragedy we are living, at least it is the source of some sad amusement to see in how many ways this nincompoop can embarrass himself. In a real South American dictatorship it would be, leaving apart the poor victims, hilarious to watch. As it is, it is just a huge disgrace with some laughs thrown in for mercy.

Can’t wait for Francis scalding all the Bolivian Bishops, because it’s obviously their faults, and they resigning en masse.


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