Pope Jackass Strikes Again

Oh well

The Supreme Pontiff, Pope Jackass, moves the Corpus Christi procession from Rome to the “peripheral” Ostia. It has been done before, and this is not the first Pope who wants to move to “the peripheries”. However, this comes after a 40 year uninterrupted tradition of celebrating in the very centre of Rome. It s, as you expected, not casual.

This one is the Pope of the curas villeros. He does not see anything “wrong” in a SJW priest. However, he does see much wrong in tradition: those things which are passed on, are transmitted from one generation to the next. It is, therefore, fitting that he want to disrupt a beautiful Roman tradition by making of it something else; something which he will then certainly link to his own social justice novel wannabe gospels for the benefit of the dumb and the uncatechised.

We do not care for Pope Jackass. We care for Catholicism.

Do not yield to curiosity or “the event”.

Please boycott every activity linked to these people until they have become Catholic again. Cardinals , bishops, all of them. They have become the subject of jokes.

Let us make them history.


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  1. A pope who hates tradition, good grief.
    People should not go to it. Imagine if nobody showed up. Delightful.
    I read he did it because the numbers of attendees in Rome were low. His ego can’t take it. It’s pathetic there are so many Catholics carrying on. The pope is dissembling our faith, but, whatevs, let’s go to the procession!

  2. Ten years ago, Cardinal Burke was presented with an opportunity to instruct a Pope: “It’s time to stop appointing corrupt scoundrels as bishops and cardinals to ‘balance’ every faithful new bishop or cardinal.”
    In other words, when Benedict proposed to create Burke and Wuerl cardinal side-by-side, Burke should have refused. Wuerl was already on record in favor of sacrilegious Communions by pro-aborts–i.e., the nullification of Canon 915. Every specious argument Wuerl devised for this mortal sin turned up later in Amoris Laetitia.
    Once Bergoglio was elected, Wuerl moved immediately to destroy Burke, as far as he was able. Thus, Burke has been deprived of almost all of the honor and position he refused to risk ten years ago. Eventually, Wuerl will make sure that Burke loses even what he is now clinging to.

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