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True Grace

An old woman is approaching death. She lives in, and never left, a small village in the Andes. No one outside of her village knows of her existence. Her life was made of hard work, constant poverty, and worries for her loved ones. She is not perfect, but she has the fear of the Lord. She bears her suffering with Christian patience, uniting it with Christ’s suffering as much as her intellect allows, and waiting for the day her long suffering will end. The very idea of the Holy Sacrament being the object of sacrilege would crush her. She looks at the mostrance in the village procession, or during holy hour, and tears of hope and consolation run down her old, wrinkly cheeks. She prays every day for the salvation of her loved ones, both living and dead.

An old Cardinal is approaching death. He lives in a splendid palace. His name has worldwide recognition. His life consists of very light work, very refined meals, and the constant massaging of his ego. He has lost his faith decades ago. He does what all his colleagues do: he enjoys a life of luxury and prestige, avoids troubles, and rubs elbows with the rich, powerful, beautiful and fashionable. The Holy Host is only a wafer to him and to – that much he knows for sure – many of his colleagues. He deals with the matter in a middle-of-the-road, prudent way; so that whoever wins, no detriment will come to him. When he takes part in processions, he is aware of his prestige and high station in life. He never prays for anyone. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. He sees no rhyme or reason in life. He is just glad he is on the sunny side. When he is gone, he is gone. That’s all there is to it.

I think of both of them, almost every day now; as age makes me, slowly but surely, more mindful of death.

The old woman resembles in some way people I knew and, in some cases, loved as a child. The old Cardinal is, well, always the same one, though he gives interviews in many languages, and with many names, and on many topics, very often.

I think of them both almost every day now, and certainly every time I read of another damn interview to another damn faithless cardinal; and with the advancing age, a thought becomes not only intellectually known, but intimately, deeply felt:

what grace it is, what immense blessing, to be that old woman, rather than that Cardinal.

Lord, let me die poor and suffering if needs be; but please, never allow me to lose the faith.


Leading The Way


One of the reasons why I follow US things so closely is that I deeply believe that the United States are the laboratory for what happens, later, in Europe and the rest of the West.

I have seen it happening with Reagan, and before my time it had been clearly happening with the “Summer of Love” and all that crap. For good or worse, Western Countries look at the US and absorb its habits.

I see this now happening again. Donald Trump’s victory, a truly historic moment way surpassing even Brexit (though undoubtedly helped by it, in the same way as Reagan’s election was anticipated by Margaret Thatcher’s victory in the UK), and the absolutely astonishing performance the man has delivered up to now, are now clearly showing the way to Europe, and Trumpism is now rapidly conquering the hearts and minds of previously solidly pro-EU Europeans.

Italy is the last example. No, wait: Slovenia is the last one! In Sweden, elections looms. Even the Germans have started to awaken!

What is happening is that your average Mario Colombo sees Trump saying it like it is, and likes the new freedom of being, at last, sensible. Gone is the feeling that if you are outside of the grace of the good boys’ in Brussels you are a dangerous, untrustworthy, heartless “fascist”, “egoist”, “isolationist”, or any other unsavoury adjective ending with “ist”. People just have had enough, and they see that you can say exactly that and become… the President of the United States.

The US are a cultural incubator for the rest of the West. It worked the wrong way in the years of Obama, which gave us an unprecedented wave of institutionalised perversion and political correctness; and it is working the other way now, when being pro-life, pro-wholesomeness and pro-sanity is rapidly showing as not only the healthy, but the winning way.

This is why I think that it is so vital that Trump not only is reelected in 2020 (if he is in good health, I have little doubt about that already; actually, I think that his eventual opponent is on a suicide mission waiting to happen), but has enough votes in the Senate to keep pushing excellent judicial appointments through it.

Look at what has happened only two days ago with Sanity vs Sodomy. Imagine the overturning of Roe vs Wade. If that happens – and, thanks be to God, we now are not so terribly far away from it – wait ten years and watch the entire European Continent waking up to the reality of this most atrocious yearly Holocaust.

Trump is giving sanity to the entire world. Like Reagan, he is awakening us from a slumber of stupidity and conformism, and teaching us to be thinking men and women again. We see this new awakening in many parts of Europe, with Italy the biggest manifestation up to now. Deo volente, this will, in time, bear more and more fruits.

Thank you, Lord, for Donald John Trump. Please keep giving him faith, wisdom and health.

We need him for old Europe, too.



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