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An Argentinian Bromance

Makes John Wayne appear feminine, isn’t it?

One wonders what is it, that so intimately links Pope Francis with his dear, dear buddy, “Tucho” Fernandez; as we all know, the new archbishop of La Plata, Argentina.

The association between Bergoglio and Fernandez is a long one, and Bergoglio has obviously found in his younger connational a soul mate. It is inconceivable that, after so many years of friendship, Bergoglio has not found the time to read “Tucho’s” main claim to ecclesiastical immortality; namely, that book, “the art of kissing”, that so proudly bears as its author the name of the newly minted Archbishop. Nor is it realistic to think that Francis read the book, found it anywhere between wildly inappropriate, scandalous, despicable and outright faggy, and decided that this should not influence his judgment on Tucho; then this, my dear readers, would be like saying that Stalin was an excellent guy, if we just leave out his being a bloodthirsty, ruthless, heartless communist dictator.

No: the bromance between these two kindred souls must be strong. An elective affinity, as Goethe would say. An intense, moving, willed encounter of two souls, irresistibly attracted to each other and completing each other in a perfect way.

One, the Kiss Artist. The other, the Wheelchair Hero. Both united by a love for thought-stirring words, provocative language, and brave scandal. How they complete each other!

Francis wanted Tucho near him in Rome. Perhaps he found it important to have a Master Kisser near him. Perhaps he wanted to tap on Tucho’s almost equally renowned theological expertise. Perhaps again, and most likely, he simply felt the need to have the dear soul companion near.

Sadly, the physical proxymity is now going to end. No more long discussions, near the fireplace, about the art of kissing! No more intelligent, provocative but stimulating thought exchange around the Blessed Sacrament! No more intellectually challenging conversations about where the Spirit is leading them!

They will suffer, I know. But they will bear the pain of separation with manliness, or at least they will bear it.

It has to be. What is bromance, without the noble pain of the distance of the kindred heart, mixed with the knowledge that he is allowed to grow, and expand his horizon?

Would Achilles have wished Ajax all the time near him? Master Kisser or not?

Dear reader, reflect on this noble bromance. Suffer with these two hearts the pain of their separation.

The thought of their farewell is heartbreaking. They will, methinks, seal it with a manly embrace, as Southerners do.

Albeit, think of it…

One of them does master the Art of the Kiss…..

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