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The Age Of The Stupid Philosopher

There was a time when Western people had a solid outlook on life. They knew why they were born, how they were supposed to live, and what possible outcomes their death would have. They were inserted in a social context that made perfect sense, and understood their place in it. They had instruments allowing them to cope with war, disease, and bereavement. This was, of course, the product of the Christian culture pervading the West.

This is now largely gone. A majority of people at least in the UK, and very many elsewhere, have lost the Chrstian outlook on life. The results are sad and hilarious at the same time.

People who think themselves otherwise intelligent – another phenomenon of the times: never hve so many dumb people felt so intelligent – fill their Facebook pages with the most astonishingly banal, cheesy statements (you know the sort: “today is the first day of the rest of your life”, “dreams your dreams and make them come true”, “today you can change the world” and all that sort of sugary nothingness for low intellects), hoping it will make them look good among their IQ peers.

Yes, they are trying to look smart or sensitive, bless their heart. But in the end, what they are looking for is a system of values, a solid spiritual guidance that would give them the kind of security about who they are, why they were born, and the general meaning of life, that their grandparents actually had; though the modern wannabe Facebook philosophers probably do not even realise it.

The answer is, very obviously, Christ and His Church. However, the wannabe Facebook philosophers are both too arrogant and too dumb to understand it. Too arrogant, because any potential attempt at approaching Chistianity fails with the immediate recognition that Christianity goes head-on against their own, extremely comfortable, man made system of values – a system they keep defending notwithstanding its obvious failure to guide them through life, and to which they are extremely attached because it’s their own, and does not require much of them – ; and too dumb, because they really think that they can improve on Christianity.

And there you have it, XXI Century’s UK. Full of people who think nothing of getting drunk, smoking marijuana, fornicating, or getting tattooed; so distant from any concept of innocence that not even sodomy disgusts them; so childisly unable to control their impulses that many of them resemble a ballfish in their Twenties; but so persuaded of their great depth and astonishingly good heart that they struggle to understand why they feel so miserable.

The medicine is there, just in front of their eyes. But it’s clearly not going to be.

It’s going to be another dumb slogan on Facebook before getting – today being Friday – drunk again.


On The Necessity Of Limbo

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