Man Is Not The Master Of His Own Life



The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Q. Why does God, in the Fifth Commandment, forbid the taking of one’s own life or suicide?
A. In the Fifth Commandment God forbids suicide, because man is not the master of his own life no more than of the life of another. Hence the Church punishes suicide by deprivation of Christian burial.

The first quote is, obviously, from the Proverbs. The second is from the Catechism of Saint Pius X. I have not quoted from the “Catechism of V II” because it almost never states things with the beautiful clarity that once was the mark of these texts, and also because I think that Vatican II should be avoided whenever possible. 

In the last week or so, two very prominent suicides have shaken the United States of Trump. The first was the suicide of Kate Spade, the billionaire fashion entrepreneur. The second was the one of Anthony Bourdain, the (anti-Trump) “celebrity” chef and TV entertainer. 

Hand on heart, and hoping to do something good for my salvation and the salvation of those who read me, I feel the need to spend a word or three to counter the mountain of secular dog excrement I see invading internet fora and such like places. I can’t even imagine the amount of sugary platitude that will be posted on Facebook by countless wannabe Sunday philosophers.  

Suicide merits hell. This is the beginning, the middle, the end, the fruit, the dessert and the lemon sorbet of it. If anyone commits suicide lucidly knowing what he is doing, he goes straight to hell.

That’s it.


No, really. 

Every time some atheists leftist chooses the easy way out, we are confronted with (normally, but not always; and the V II crowd is most atrocious in their acquiescence to them) atheists leftists presenting suicide as something which just happens fo rpurely medical reasons, because depression is such a horrible thing. 

Depression is, for sure, a most horrible thing. However, ask yourself this: who would, upon willingly murdering someone else, escape jail because he was depressed? 

Exactly. The only way for the person to escape jail (and still land in a madhouse, however called) is the inability to understand and will what he was doing; and this, obviously, provided that this inability was not self-inflicted (because of, say, extreme drunkenness or drug-taking). The same applies to suicide; then suicide is, believe it or not, the murder of oneself. 

Those who think that God would judge the one who murders himself differently than the one who murders someone else have not been paying attention to a phenomenon called Christianity, and should be made aware of it for the good of their and their loved ones’ souls. 

Also, all those who just assume that a willingly committed suicide is justified because, well, every suicide ever is – a staple of the godless society – are ipso facto  accessories in another person’s sin through their defence of the ill done. Being accessory in a mortal sin is not something you want to be. 

Of course, I wasn’t there when the suicides happened. But for heaven’s sake, don’t treat yourself and others as if they were children, because they aren’t. Kate Spade left a suicide note. Kindly let us stop being dumb here. 

Of course, you never really know. Both of them hanged themselves. These home-made executions by hanging tend to be long-ish, very painful affairs. You never know whether, helped by his guardian angel and God’s grace, the person managed a perfect contrition in the end. However, there is a huge difference between the  realistically faint hope that a half-miracle happened at the last moment and the pollyannish, sugary, Vatican-II-kindergarten assumption that it has been so. It is for this reason that, in the age of sanity, suicides were refused a Christian burial. The refusal did not equate to a condemnation to hell. It was, however, a sober and charitable assessment of the probabilities at play. This sober assessment also applied, for the most part, to people who had either practice, or knowledge, or both of Christianity in much higher degree than this is, today, often the case. Bourdain does not strike me as a spiritual character. The possibility that one overcomes 61 years of godlessness in, say, 32 seconds of willed self-suffocation out of rejection of that same God they should now ask for forgiveness is a very, very, very long shot.    

Prima facie, a most atrocious, blasphemous sin has been committed. There is no certainty about the interior motives, degree of will or ultimate punishment. However, there are facts on the ground such that a reasonable person will reach a reasonable conclusion about what has, very probably, happened and the very probable consequences of the act. We must, as Christians, register these facts, apply common sense to them and charitably help others to understand the Christian perspective on suicide. 

This will, of course, offend them.  

Good. It means that the message has been understood. 

Dear reader, I invite you to profit of these suicides to give, as they say, some witness for Christ. 

Pick a liberal or two, and shock them hard. You may want to arch your eyebrows in the most sympathetic way as you do so, Libtard-style. But please pour them the medicine straight down the throat.

If they spit it out is will be their problem. But who knows: in twenty years’ time, it could be the remembering of that once spitted medicine that, with God’s grace. saves their soul. 








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  1. The age of euthanasia and abortion is also the age of suicide. If a baby’s or an old person’s life is considered meaningless because it is deemed to be useless, what happens when a person doesn’t get what he wants out of life and he considers his life to be useless? What happens when he discovers that his fame and money are nothing but phantoms? Suicide.

    Our Lord said my yoke is sweet and my burden is light. If only, if only, if only, these people had grabbed onto our Lord and begged Him for help. Our Lord always delivers. He never fails anyone who throws himself at His feet.

  2. Self-preservation is written into the human and animal heart. We had a sick fox in our neighborhood. An hour and a half before it died, it limped over to two bowls, one food and one water, that a neighbor put out for it. It was not planning to die. It was planning to get well and continue its fox life.

    It’s too bad some humans live farther from their Creator than a dumb? animal.

  3. I believe suicide is often thought of as a ‘right’ in our times and for the reason you say, that one should be the ‘master’ of his own death, instead leaving to almighty God the time and circumstances of his death. I am aware however that severe mental depression and/or pain can be a mitigating factor as St. Therese, ‘The Little Flower’ said in her final agony; “Take care not to leave medications at the bedside of a person in agony, because the temptation to suicide is great”.

    • It does not follow, however, that thi swould be a mitigating factor in the sense of excusing suicide. The pit in hell might be less deep. Werther in Goethe’s novel gives himself quite an explanation for his suicide. Still hell.

  4. Holy Mother Church and her very healthy stigma and punishment for suicide is actually doing people with suicidal ideation an enormous favor. Suicide isn’t about death. It’s about suffering and the lie that if I murder myself, the suffering will end. But the message from the Church i.e. that hell very probably awaits, thus stops the person contemplating this act b/c who wants to go from the frying pan into the fire? And an eternal one at that?

    Nobody suffocated in suicidal ideation was ever benefited by the notion that all dogs go to heaven…if anything, it only made the deed that much more appealing. So the idiots who rant and rail about not being “compassionate” are dumber than hair on this subject. Holy Mother Church was right all along…and continues to be the defender and protector of life with her wisdom and hard truths blocking the way of the demons pulling people into hell.

    I dealt with suicidal ideation for years due to an un-diagnosed B12 deficiency. It was the risk of eternal suffering that always woke me up and held me back from the lie that suicide would ease the pain. Reason, logic and probably my tired guardian angel smacked me in the face until I discovered the root issue and got healed. But it can be both a physical and spiritual attack…for if we ever consider it (suicide), always confess it to avoid the enemy from having a foothold fear in your life:+)

    • Congratulations to you. However, we should not engender the impression in our readers that in the end, suicide is due to lack of vitamins and therefore exculpates the one with such a deficiency (you didn’t of course, just making it clear). As you say, the suicide is looking for an easy way out from the pain, and i will not deny that the pain can be very severe.
      The best vitamines, to me, remain prayer and abandonment to the divine will.

  5. Yes, please God, they repented before that last second. It is shocking, especially when one considers the vast wealth both of these individuals had, the money, the fame, the adulation, the power, the influence, the trips, the houses, the travel.
    Yet none of it was enough. They still ended up entirely bereft of sufficient reason to want to wake up with the sun and face another day. It is truly shocking. I have often looked at celebrities and wondered, do they have even one person who truly loves them for themselves, or is it all fawning hangers-on. It can’t be wonderful to always wonder. In that sense one can feel real sympathy for these people, they had it all but not the Gospel and so they had nothing.
    Anthony Bourdain was a hedonist, no pleasure seems to have escaped his attention. I enjoy travel shows because I don’t travel, but his persona bothered me on some spiritual level.
    Ultimately this uber-confident appearing man was surely, at 61, lonely and feeling a lack of connection to any other person, even his own child, who now must face a life of the loss of her own father, taken by his own hand. He chose to leave her alone in this world. What a burden for a child. What a model of what to do when times get tough. That is just horribly selfish, no matter what else can be said. You bring a child into the world, you owe it to them to see it through.

  6. Our all humble & merciful PF says there is no Catholic God & no Hell & all can get to heaven (if it even exists in his mind) so those of little or no faith will not feel any guilt in taking their lives as PF teaches that it would go against the gospels for God not to forgive. The CC has a huge duty to make clear that God indeed does exist & will hold them to account for their actions, for only He, the source of all Life, can determine when we are born & when we are to die.

  7. Suicide is an utterly selfish act. It is all about “me” with no thought of anyone else. I fully agree that suicides should not be given a Catholic burial. I must confess that I knew nothing about the latest pair but the semi “celebrity” status given to that 104 year old man who went to Switzerland to effect his suicide simply sickened me. I also must confess that I feel pretty sure that the majority of recent deaths have resulted in the deceased ending up where they did not expect to be. And that will have been a massive shock to them when it happened!

  8. “The possibility that ONE overcomes 61 years of godlessness in, say, 32 seconds of willed self-suffocation out of rejection of that same God THEY should now ask for forgiveness is a very, very, very long shot.”

  9. blueskirtwaltz

    Thank you for saying in this article what needed to be said, Mundabor. It should be the “column read around the world.” May Our Lady bless you with Her Holy Child.

  10. PF is accountable for those committed suicide who are deeply depressed and desperately believing in what “Vicar of Christ” teaches that there is no Hell, no punishment. Hopefully Bourdain was confusing and duped with Francis’ heresy, God may have mercy on him.

  11. While I agree that suicide is mortal sin, I was made aware of a sad condition of a 16 year old boy sent to an adult prison for drug possession. He didn’t kill anybody but was repeatedly raped on a daily basis. When he complained about it he was told to “toughen up kid”. I somehow don’t believe that God would impose violent beatings & rape as penance. Anyway there was no end in sight & he hung himself in his cell. Did God expect him to submit & become a sex slave to one inmate or endure the constant gang rape as part of his penance? That to me would make God a monster. I thought sodomy is one of the four sins that cries to heaven for vengeance. Even punishment should take into consideration the basic humanity of even the criminal. I don’t know the answer to this one. Perhaps he should have resisted to the point of being murdered. But he wasn’t sentenced to death or rape, just incarceration. Aren’t those who have the responsibility of administering punishment held to any moral code? Couldn’t the abuse of this boy have been an obstacle to his conversion?

    • If you Don’t know the answer to this one you should listen to what the Church says. Extreme examples make bad laws, and do not change the rules. No, OF COURSE the boy is culpable of the murder of himself. Only insanity can excuse him.

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