The Seal Of Confession Is Under Attack

In the bizarro world in which the West is plunging, we are now possibly about to see what would be, to every sane person, inconceivable: the forcing of a priest to do something gravely forbidden by his own religion.

Are Mullahs obliged to eat pork? Are Rabbis obliged to eat raw meat? It doesn’t matter: the boundless hate of some people for the Church is enough to even think of the monstrous “obligation” of a priest to report a criminal offence heard in the confessional. This is Diocletian with the excuse of a supposedly democratic system.

Please do not dismiss this extremely grave attack to Western Civilisation with the typical V II observation that it’s no big deal, as child rapists would not confess their sin to a priest. What is at stake here is the sacredness of the seal of confession. The attack is an attack irrespective of his chances of success.

Moreover, other and very disquieting scenarios are thinkable. What if a rabid feminist lesbian enters the confessional with the recorder on her phone switched on, and confesses a child abuse? If the priest reports it he has violated the seal of confessional. If he doesn’t, the lesbian activist can go to the police herself with the evidence of his crime.

You might say that in many legal systems (including the Italian one) the simulation of a crime is in itself a crime. However, this does not have to be so everywhere, there are grave questions as to whether such a crime would be enforced, and the enemies of the Church could find some way to circumvent it (for example, saying to the priest that they do not know whether what they have done was a criminal offence, and what does he think?)

This is not a light matter, and no jokes about the improbable child rapist denouncing himself are fitting. Besides, a pervert might well choose to, in fact, denounce himself via the Church he hates. Unstable people do the most improbable things all the time.

The seal of confession is under attack. This is not a laughing matter. There is no possible compromise. It is our duty as Catholics to oppose this monstrous activism with all our strength.


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  1. Meanwhile in Melbourne, hailed as the most livable city in the world, a 28 year old mother is savagely murdered by her husband in front of her three young children. And the powers that be in Australia are busily coming after the Catholics! Our Lady of Fatima, Come to our aid!

  2. That should be an easy one. That law is completely irrelevant to a Catholic. Every Priest and Bishop should consider it toilet paper, and declare if so. I do.
    What does it profit a man to avoid earthly jail while condemning his soul to eternal prison in hell?
    The Bishops and Religious Superiors should all be out front of this, damning the law; publicly commanding their Priests to disobey it and defend the Seal. I am not surprised they don’t. But they should.
    I was advised early in this misbegotten Papacy, by Priests, to keep my head down and not worry about early warnings and troubling issues above my pay grade. To me, distance from my life was not relevant. My response was that the crisis would come personally for me and them eventually. We would not be able to avoid it by closing our eyes and feeling sorry for those closest to combat. It would be but a matter of time before the battle lines found us, too.
    Time for choosing. God will not allow any Catholic to plead ignorance. This is too gross a violation. Violation upon violation. They are here. At the personal, individual, sacramental level, here. Choose.

    • This is, however, a very easy way for the Australian Government to get rid of all priests, bar none. IPhones and activists will do the trick very fast.

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