A Man Of His Box Office Bomb


Box office material? Thought not…


Wim Wenders’ sugary brown-nosing of the Evil Clown ended up a bomb of dramatic  proportions. The details of the drama are here. 

You could probably screen a documentary on the history of the semicolon and get more people willing to pay to see that than torturing themselves with 96 minutes of Francis. I do not doubt it would be more interesting and formative, too. Actually, one has the impression the only viewers were those being punished by their parents and forced to choose between the documentary and two months of being “grounded”.

This is enough to make you cringe. This is so embarrassing I am embarrassed for them, as the likes of Francis and Wenders are obviously incapable of embarrassment themselves. This one is the Pope, for crying out loud! He goes out in 350 cinemas and he gets, on the opening weekend, an average of $1,500 per cinema screen, per weekend?

Mind, this is the gross intake. The theatre gets around half, the other half goes to… reduce the losses. $750 for the weekend. Will this suffice to even pay for electricity, cleaning and personnel? 

Embarrassing. Utterly and completely embarrassing. From the man who has dedicated his own papacy to being “accepted” and considered “cool” by those people who constitute the majority of cinema goers in the United States. With a director whose name still has some form of, if not esteem, at least recognition. It goes to show how radioactive Francis is. 

Despised by Catholics. Ignored by everyone else. Desperately trying to be popular with the world. Failing miserably.

There you have it: this papacy in four short sentences. 





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  1. Yes, some in the media take us for fools. Imagine a heretofore respected Catholic publishing house promoting dreck like this to turn a buck. Bergoglio, who counts the notorious abortionist Emma Bonino, as “one of Italy’s greats” promoted as an advocate of the family? Bergoglio who crudely admonishes Catholics not to “breed like rabbits”. Bergoglio who says it is possible that those who co-habitate are in a true marriage.

    The five-times-married Wim Wenders is an expected font of promotion for the unctuous disgrace squatting on the Throne of Peter, but I thought Magnificat Publishing had more integrity.

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