Donald J Trump: Peace Through Superior Testosterone


The great Donald J Trump has shown the world, again, how it is done; and again, the incompetent class of journalists and diplomacy “experts” is left with trying to limit their embarrassment. Let me summarise how Trump has dealt with the North Korean threat.

Trump starts from the end. His aim is the destruction of North Korea as a nuclear threat. He has decided to do this and then he has worked on this becoming reality.

North Korea has survived because China protects them in various ways, helping their regime to avoid collapse. Trump starts his North Korea policy by kicking the Chinese in the balls, very hard, with the recent tariffs. Tariffs which are, as the Chinese were made to understand, only the start. A country with more than $300 billion surplus in its trade with the US has no defence when on the other side there is a man willing to cut this to zero if needs be, and leaving them in no doubt that he can and will do this if he must. Unless the Chinese behave. Clearly, North Korea isn’t worth the castration of the Chinese economy and, also important, humiliation of China.

To make things even more clear, the latest round of sanctions against Korea is enforced brutally, because this is not the time to posture about like Obama did.

At this point, North Korea is the lapdog of the US already.

Then he directs his attention directly to the North Koreans and, basically, imposes on them the visit of his guy, Mr Pompeo. The guy flies there, enters the wolf’s lair like he owns it, and gives the North Koreans their marching orders about what they have to do if they want to have at least a shot at survival.

They are to shut up, fly to Beijing to be told first hand how really, really screwed they are, and agree to a meeting with Trump to take further orders.





When Mike Pence makes clear that this is not the usual Obama fake diplomacy where the president tries to look good but nothing is achieved, and states very clearly that the aim is denuclearisation or destruction of the evil regime, the North Koreans react with a violent attack to him; thinking, poor guys accustomed to limp-wrist Obama, that they can still bark to Number 2 and get away with it.

Here, Trump shows what a master he is, and what a natural at that. He leaves the negotiating table and, in the same letter with which he does so, threatens the North Koreans very publicly with utter destruction.

In English: shut up, fat Kim.

You. are. my. bitch.

Get in line again, fast, or start taking the measurements for your coffin.

Promptly, the North Koreans grovelling ask the President to please, please have mercy on them, and the rest is history: the meeting does take place, Kim promises nuclear disarmament, the extremely harsh sanctions against Korea remain entirely in place whilst he does so, and they receive no payments, with the Americans are in charge of controlling that he does what he promised.  The only “concession” he makes is the stop to military exercises not scheduled until next year. 

This way, the bitch gets a bone and is allowed to try to survive, if she can; and if the bitch behaves, Trump might throw at her another bone or two, with little meat around it; then Trump is not President to right all the wrongs in the world, but to deal with the threats to American security. 

Boy, what a difference with Obama and Clinton. They could not wait to give relief from sanctions, and even money, from the start, against empty promises everyone knows will never be honoured; and called this diplomacy.

If Obama had achieved one third with North Korea of what Trump has already done, he would have been celebrated as the Greatest Guy Ever Born. Trump humiliates the North Koreans in all possible ways, showed the world that he owns them and the Chinese are no match to him, and all the libtard complain because we still have a repressive regime in place, which they have been helping to survive and become a big threat in the last decades.

This is not the way Trump thinks. Trump selects an objective at the start (the nuclear disarmament) and goes straight towards it, kicking all the balls he must kick in the process but also not thinking that he is the World Policeman and Global Social Justice Hero. What a great man we have at the White House.

Peace through superior Testosterone.

Enjoy the show whilst the libtard heads explode.



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  1. Oh we are! We are old enough to be able to identify what a real man looks and talks like, because there used to be more of them around, so we spotted him from afar off whilst he was campaigning! We said, hey, what is coming over the ridge, why, it’s an actual MAN. He’s got it all, and it’s just delicious, the media and the haters get him so wrong, they confuse being glib (Obama) with political savvy in spades (Trump). He’s not glib, he’s only brilliant, and that book he wrote, “The Art of the Deal” may be worth even more now, because it’s obvious he completely comprehends the art, and mastered it long ago.
    There is so much great about the man.
    He’s pro-Christian. That alone, what is it worth!
    He’s pro-West, his Poland speech, he gets it, the existential threat.
    He’s pro-life, those babies don’t vote nor complain, he tries to protect them anyway, the measure of the man.
    He honors and acknowledges Jesus Christ and references God and faith more than other presidents have.
    He loves America, our history, our nation, and Americans. He has made no bones about that.
    He is positively fearless about his critics. He may comment, but he never lets it stop him.
    He’s a conservative in action, one with lots of moxie and courage. That’s rare.
    He’s got heart, he’s a man of the people, he cares, it’s obvious. Look at his words and actions after a disaster, he rushes to help and console.
    He’s a natural leader, we love the man, admire him, pray for him, and thank God for him.
    Imagine what he could do if he had help from the GOP.


  3. He has achieved God’s agenda by breaking and defeating Luciferian’s NWO now. More and more people believing him as God’s anointment and appointment. He’s also a champion in bringing Christian’s morality back, rescuing kids form pedophile rings, defending unborn children and he’s very much closer to Catholic doctrines than PF and his minions. He’ll soon help to break Illuminati’s control of Vatican. May God be with him all the times.

  4. I believe part of their private talks were about the drones at the ready to take him out and Kim s relief that the president will keep them at bay so long as he follows through on their agreement

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