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The Slandering Dictator (Francis, I Mean…)

The Dictator Pope is trying to divert the attention on his now worldwide established nickname of …. Dictator Pope by baying against dictators who slander people. You would think he has just looked in the mirror, but no, the man has not enough brain to even understand the irony.

What is clear, though, is that he fancies for himself the role of martyr of those slanderous dictators, and I don’t think he is thinking of Castro or Maduro, either. As so often, one thinks that the man might just have been drunk, and I mean drunk as in “too much fernet”, not in some figurative sense.

The Pope who has, so to speak, just finished slandering the victims on child abuse in Chile, and who has been going on for now more than 5 years insulting sane Catholics; the man who has crushed an entire, pious religious orders instead of stopping the homo propaganda of Dominicans, Jesuits and many others, this very man complains about slandering dictators.

It’s not even an irony fail. It is, like everything this ass does, stupid to the point of being surreal. If is as if Bill Clinton accused a political opponent of being a sex predator. It is as if Anthony Wiener accused his opponents of being perverts. It is just too much even for laughter.

The Slandering Dictator is exactly you, Francis dear.

Your baying does not change one iota of it.


On Mr Salvini And “Benedict Pope”


People, just in case anyone gets too excited…

The one with Salvini choosing “Benedict” as Pope” is a word play.

“Benedetto” in Italian means “blessed”.

“My Pope Is Blessed”, says the T-Shirt. Francis’ image is dismayed, because this also means “my Pope is Benedict”. Cleverly, the letters are all capitalised, as the normal writing would give up the game.

We must understand Italian humour here. Salvini is not saying that Francis is not Pope. He is saying that Francis is not doing his job. He is, by the way, the Interior Minister. He would never say who is the head of another State.

This is a very nice, ironic Italian word play. It shows a polite criticism to a bad Pope.

It is not “Benedictvacantism”.


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