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US: Time To Let Bad Parishes And Dioceses Starve.

The interventions of various US Bishops against enforcement of existing, perfectly reasonable laws, constantly practiced in the history of Christianity is a very clear sign of the decay of religious values in the West at large, and of the loss of faith of Catholic clergy more in particular.

It is as if your priest would suddenly tell you that it is Unchristian to keep your door locked, and refuse entry to whoever wants to squat inside, because you are not hospitable and yadda yadda.

It is not only that common sense and logic have failed here. It is, more worryingly, that at least a portion of the Catholic audience does not find the bishops ‘ talk scandalous drivel. In a solidly Catholic or Christian country, bishops would not talk in this way, as their sheep would show them very fast how to be Catholic, or at least Christian. There is, in fact, no notable immigration activism among the clergy of, say, Poland or Hungary, let alone Russia. Where there is solid faith, there is no third-worldist socialist drivel.

Therefore, whilst I despise the little prostitutes of the US dioceses, chasing the business of immigration support and an easy popularity among their non instructed (by the bishop themselves) sheep, I have no symphaty for those who allow this to happen, either: the pewsitter who, instead of having their bishop know that he is an enemy of Christianity and not one cent will be forthcoming, choose to accept – even when they disagree – that their bishops play social justice warriors, as if this were something you expect from the man in the purple habit.

It is reliably believed that Trump got more than 50% of the Catholic vote in the US. This 50% should make itself heard very loud and refuse to give one single cent to any parish with even a whiff of SJW disease in it, and certainly not one cent to any diocese even remotely supporting this illegality nonsense.

It is sad to say this, but nowadays an awful lot of bishops are a deadly cocktail of political attitude, social justice activism, atheism, prostitution, reprobation and vanity, with Christ very low in the priority list, if He is present at all for other purposes than to cover a one world agenda.

Punish the Judases and their priests. Let them starve and sink into oblivion and irrelevance until sanity returns.

You are not required to finance the shills of the Democratic Party.

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