Dubia: Francis Is A Petty Idiot


Seriously, if we accept for a moment what Francis has said to the press in a little pause between two attacks on Trump, what kind of nonsense will we end up believing?

The man states he did not receive the dubia privately, and only knew about them from the newspapers. How can anyone be so arrogant and dumb at the same time? The mind boggles.

Firstly, this assertion is so stupid that not even an old nincompoop like him can really believe it will wash. Cardinals like Burke and Caffarra – no lions, certainly; but correct, decent people – would, then, have schemed against him? Really? How are we expected to believe that the Cardinals would not try to solve such an important issue in camera caritatis before going public? How dirty must Francis mind be, to even start to think it? 

Secondly, Francis’ pants are clearly on fire. If this had been the case, why not say so immediately? It would have least have lent some little credibility to the assertion, and if anyone has blocked the communication it would have been easy to discover who; besides, this should have been followed by an offer of immediate meeting to discuss the matter. Communication, you know? Talking. Discussing differences. Discovering common ground. Helping each other.

Third: what kind of senile, petty idiot does not answer important questions concerning the faith in order to “show it” to Cardinals he thinks have slighted him? 

Fourthly: what kind of unspeakably evil ass has the temerity and shamelessness of even going around and imply that he was right in not answering the Dubia because they were not presented to him in the proper way, as if this was a legitimate reaction?

Lastly: what other public person or politician – nay: what what kind of adult – would spit such nonsense to the press without being inundated with harsh criticism and utter insult? How old is this guy, three? Sheesh.

The next Pope might be even more satanical than this one. 

But it is impossible that the Cardinals find another one who is just as stupid.



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  1. He is not an idiot. At least, not the ordinary one. He is a destroyer, and therefore he act as an idiot. There is no other way for him, for anybody with such purpose as that which he have. The very fact that he is acting and doing all kind of idiotic things is obviously visible ONLY to the people with common sense. While his idiotic handling is just perfectly “reasonable” for all his followers, who are the same kind of blind deluded fools, and fallen humans, as he himself is.

    • I disagree. Anyone but a complete idiot would go subtly at his work of destruction. What he does is approved only by people who are so far removed from Catholicism that every normal catholic abhors them.

  2. According Pezzo Grosso Francis has done in last 5 years “to ridicule the role of the Pontiff, to make him lose credibility, to act in a way that the Pontiff is considered and recognized like any man, full of flaws, mistakes, etc.” He’s trying hard to make a big joke on “Vicar of Christ” role and the Roman Catholic Church as well as rejecting Jesus Christ is God. Unfortunately God has exposed Francis and his minions as Illuminated tyrant and Satanic NWO’s agents respectively and very soon they will be struck down. Divine justice is coming. Deo gratias.

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