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Merkel Sucks It Up


One of the things that I have been consistently repeating about Merkel is that, at the bottom, she is a prostitute.

In her, two instincts fight: the daughter of a fake protestant “missionary” who chose to live in Eastern Germany rather than in the Western part, she was given from an early age that deadly cocktail of sentimental fake Christianity that is the enemy of Christ; made worse by her growing up in a Communist Country that further exposed her admittedly brilliant brain (make no mistake: this one is no Francis) to godless rubbish.

The other instinct is the desire to wield power. Merkel has been in power for so long not because of the mistake of one day, like Francis, but thank to her ability to navigate party politics and exploit the worse of the German instincts.

This caused a lot of flip-flopping, an art in which Merkel reached a McCain-like degree of proficiency. Coherently, her twists and turns on immigration are numerous, and always followed either what her rotten ideology thought feasible, but convenient, or what was necessary to stay in power.

The last flip-flop is surprising only for those who don’t know her. The same person who bullied half Europe to swallow her disgraced “Muslim invasion ideology” is now – after seeing that she must either change course, fast, or fall at the hands of the sister party CSU – making such a complete U-turn that she supports dealing with “asylum seekers” outside of the EU.

This would be the utter and complete end of the economic migration fraud, and Merkel perfectly knows that. Only now she does not fight common sense, she actually supports it. Or you might say: she sucks it up, because this is what people like her do.

Frau Merkel is not only a  consummated professional of the second old profession in the world. She is an old practitioner in the oldest, too.

And by the by, everytime I read about her I am reminded of Berlusconi’s comment about the woman, made in confidence to a friend on the phone but so beautifully apposite: culona inchiavabile, “unscrewable fattie”.

Ah, these Italians! Always so pleasantly colourful!

Still, seeing Merkel backpedal is not enough. She is, undoubtedly, one of the most dangerous people for Christian Europe; up there with Francis, but with way more power. Therefore, one hopes that, soon, we will able to repeat Il Giornale’s headline after Italy eliminated Germany for the final of the European Football Championship in 2012:

Bye-bye, Culona.




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