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The Ten Commandments According To Francis (Or, The Art Of The Dialogue)


evil clown

One of the many problems with the Evil Clown is that he causes more damage than a part-time blogger can manage to deal with. In the last week alone we had the commandments stuff and the announcement that soon bishops might be allowed to decide what degree of sacrilege to allow. 

I will, today, focus on the commandments. 

It is difficult to think of a concept more stupid than a phrase like “the commandments establish dialogue”.

Things are what they are. A commandment commands. There is no dialogue at all in “thou shall not kill”. Not even hidden somewhere, or implied, or in any way hidden. It’s just not there.

The existence of commandments is, in fact, the very essence of our and, I would think, every religion: God commands, you obey. Dialogue is nowhere on the radar screen. 

Naturally, Francis – who might have been tipsy when he made the remarks – also says the the commandments are, well, commandments. But exactly here lies his, typically modernist, defiance of God.

To say that a commandment is a command but, at the same time, something else sends exactly the message lingering in Francis’ heretical head all the time: yes, God “commands”; but in the end, we can find an arrangement in “dialogue” with him; which is, not coincidentally at all, the same mentality behind the sacrilegious idea of giving communion to adulterers or people outside of the Church.

I think Francis an arrogant boor, and a stupid person in general. However, he is not senile or retarded, and one can trust that he knows, like an instructed child of seven knows, what a commandment is. Therefore, the only possible conclusion out of all this is that the man is simply doing this: giving the public a glimpse of his extremely distorted mind, a place where even a commandment is not really what it is.

What Francis, in short, means is that the commandment – any commandment, but in particular those concerning marriage and desiring the woman of another – are, in fact, the invitation to open a negotiation with God on how, exactly, to obey them in the “concrete circumstances”; leaving it to the single “faithful” to “discern” what God wants from him concerning this or that particular “commandment”.

Satan is strong in this one.

Please pray for the end of his papacy, resignation of painless death.

As three Popes would slowly be a bit of a joke (Popes are no Tenors after all), I prefer the latter.






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