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Champagne At Macron’s. Matteo Salvini And How Trump Is Changing Europe

What exhilarating weeks are we leaving in old Europe! It is as if King Theoden had woken up from his Soros Wormtongue-induced slumber and were now fully awake, alert, and ready for battle.

After the good run with the AfD in Germany, which made Merkel’s seat at least wobble for months, it was Austria’s turn. But the real revolution started in Italy when, finally, a government uniting the two biggest pro Trump parties started to operate. It was the first of June, less than one month ago.

It has been one month of fireworks. Not only in words, mind, but in deeds. In just a few weeks, new Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini shocked the Brussels Establishment with an immigration policy way more assertive than even Trump’s.

Nor does Salvini refrain from what would, pre-Trump, be considered impolite or undiplomatic. You push him, he punches you in the face. Salvini’s communication style is another issue where smart Europeans have learned from Trump.

The latest exchange was delightful. After creepy latteboy Macron complained populism with leprosy, Salvini’s reply was not an indirect reply, but a very straight one: Macron is a nice guy who drinks too much champagne. And, by the way, he thinks the next ten “refugee” ships should dock in Marseille, thank you very much.

This is Trumpism at its best. Be outspoken and, if attacked, counterattack fast and hard.

Italy loves, and I mean loves this guy. The Lega has been cleaning up in the administrative elections involving a handful of million voters, giving an extremely clear indication – out of real ballot boxes, not polls – of where the Country is headed. And if you look at the polls, they are now the biggest party in Italy. Salvini is now, even if “merely” Interior Minister, the strong man of the coalition and Italy’s face the world over.

Salvini has tackled an Italian problem in an American way. He has watched Trump attentively and has understood that the double whammy works, if one has the balls to pull it off. About Salvini’s balls I do not have doubts anymore.


A joy to read the Italian newspapers.

It had not happened for such a long time.


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