Meet The “Gays”

No hate, uh?

This happened by the very peace and love pervert “pride” manifestation.

These people are scum. Both the militant perverts themselves and those who think it cool to support them.

This is not even the individual tragedy of a man or woman finding himself afflicted by this horrible, unnatural, disgusting tendency.

These here are the soldiers, the activists, the rainbow nutcases.

How do the call themselves again?

Oh, yes.




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  1. How about some hetero-pride parades? with children. I have had enough: I just want to be tolerated -promise not to have opposing views labeled “hate crimes” and promise not to file thousands of lawsuits when free elections and voting on monogamy don’t go my way. . Guy McClung, Texas

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    It’s time for the LGBTQA… movement to start facing the hate inside the movement, which exceeds the “hate” they imagine outside it.

  3. Stop abusing English, call them fag.

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