Please, Lord, Make Sure Trump Stays Strong And His Senators True

This will, from all we can see, a battle for the ages. It is pretty much the most important election of the last decades, more important than any papal election since 1963 at the very least.

Trump and 50 senators have in their hands what amounts to the return of sanity in the US and, in time, the rest of the civilised world – forgetting for a moment that concerning abortion and sodomy the “uncivilised” countries appear to be, on average, more civilised than us -.

What makes it more exciting is that with only 50 votes, obviously not counting the dying Judas McCain – who would have not resisted the temptation to piddle in our soup one last time, anyway -, this appears the ideal moment for the battle. More than a handful of Democratic Senators with an upcoming re-election battle should be very afraid of denying their vote to the Deplorables, and the compactness of the Republican vote for such a strong candidate as Gorsuch lets one hope that they will understand the profoundly conservative convictions of their electors and stay in line. And if they do, actually, Pence alone would suffice to bring the victory in.

If, however, the necessary votes are not obtained, this will be the ideal way to mobilise and energise the Republican base and motivate them to use the upcoming elections to give the Republicans a solid majority. We also have RBG who might now get a stroke after hearing the news (he), so it’s better to have a more solid ground anyway. This mobilisation will, more likely than not, bring further advantages in both the House and the Senate.

Still, if Trump gets his own candidate voted in before November, he will have an energised based going to the poll; with less at stake for sure, but with the exhilarating feeling of so, so much winning it hurts…. the Dems.

Please, Lord, make Trump stay strong and his Senators true. This truly can be the beginning of a wonderful story.


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  1. “Please, Lord, make Trump stay strong and his Senators true.”

    I agree with the sentiment and share the prayers that Trump nominates a good justice and the Republican Senators stay strong and support Trump’s nomination…But let’s remember that the Senators are not Trump’s. They belong to the States (well…the popular vote of each State, since the dastardly 17th Amendment). Pray that the states stay strong and that conservatives make their voices and votes heard loud and clear. God bless. Over and out.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, who is RBG?

  3. We need to pray hard that several of the dozen or so Democrat senators whose cushy seats are in jeopardy this fall will support Trump’s nominee, because the pro-abortion turncoats Collins and Murkowski are likely to go over to the dark side.

    • Actually I think this is what will happen. A couple of Republican defection but 4 or 5 Dems from conservative states. Then in NOvember we hopefully gain three or four seats and we are fine when RBG kicks the bucket or resigns in desperation after November.

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