Look! The Democratic Party Was Just Punched In The Face!

This week of great victories in the Supreme Court has one case that will have, I believe, serious consequences for US leftists.

We Europeans were astonished to read that if you work for the public sector in the US you can be either a member of the trade unions – supporting all sorts of evil Democratic activism – or decide to stay out. However, if you stay out you pay to that very same trade union about 78% of the union membership as “fee”, because the trade unions give you… a “representation” you do not want.

We had this crap in Italy in some private sectors in the Seventies, when the Communists had north of 30% of the votes. This nonsense has long been thrown in the rubbish bin of history. It is truly amazing to discover that in the XXI Century such things still existed. I don’t even want to think what happens in other trade union strongholds like the car industry. I actually hope they still do, and this is now about to end.

Only one third of public sector employees are trade union members. The others were forced to pay the “fee”.

Boy, this will hurt.

As the trade unions for the public sector feel a huge financial pinch, this will cascade down to all sort of evil organisations: the Democratic Party first and foremost and, directly or indirectly, all that abortionist and sodomite apparatus foraged by the leftist money industry; an industry which, since the decision, is officially in recession.

This might, of course, have ramifications to whatever other dirty tricks that might be going on in the heavily unionised private sectors. But even if not, the decision is a mighty punch in the face for the Gang of Hillary.

More SCOTUS victories came in the last days. But in my eyes, this is one that will prove, if not necessarily devastating, certainly very disruptive for the well-oiled Democratic money machine.

We are winning so much, I almost cannot sleep.

Thank you, Lord, for confounding both the Libtards and the Never Trumpers in 2016. It makes one shiver to think where we would be now if the race had gone the other way.


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  1. Too much winning! Please make it stop. Someone! Anyone!

  2. Medical facilities such as hospitals, rehab and care centers in my part of the States, join a union by vote of the employees. I worked at one union hospital where I (naturally) refused to join the nurse union. Of course, I had to pay what was termed my ‘Fair Share’. I love that title! What is a fair share of nothing, I wonder?

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