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Supreme Court Appointment: Trump Will Play It Smart


Dear, dear President Trump is going to play it smart.

“Er, no, we are not going to talk about Roe vs Wade. I want a conservative, you see. A solid Originalist”. If the readers of Canon 212 are lucky, actually a solid Catholic.

But no, let us not talk about Roe vs Wade, you see. Established jurisprudence, you understand. “Law of the Land” and all that. 

Trump will keep abortion as peripheral as possible. As the feminists screech about staying away from “bodies” no sane person would want to touch, Trump will keep talking about solid judicial praxis; an issue popular with the electorate beyond the Republican voters.

Gorsuch did the same. Appointed with 54 to 45. Comfortably.

I have read that Judas McCain has also promised his vote (if he lives to see it), which would make things somewhat easier. Once again, we see how important the lost Alabama seat was.

Trump must make it very difficult for the likes of Collins and Murkowski (both women, ironically) to go against him. Of course the Dems will try to pull out of the hat some aged woman saying “Mr such-and-such touched my tit once in 1992, when I was Sixteen”, but these tricks are getting old fast and, talking of the Supreme Court, slander and ferocious character assassination campaign did not stop the appointment of the great Clarence Thomas.

But seriously, this should be easy if Trump avoids an obvious enemy of Roe vs Wade. If McCain lives to give his votes, and assuming there is no other defeater beyond Murkowski and Collins, only one Democrat would be enough. Not difficult one month before the elections. Also please consider that both Murkowski and Collins are due for re-elections in 2020. It wouldn’t be easy for them to survive the Primaries in the midst of a huge “Keep America Great” wave. They are well advised to pretend all is fine in their abortionist world, shut up, and vote their own ass.

Trump is a smart guy and fine strategist. A Sun Tzu from Queens.

God willing, he will steer his boat past the Republican rocks and sail to Republican immortality.





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