“Merciless Indian Savages”: Why Facebook Must Be Broken Up

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We had in the last few days another example of the way Facebook tries to control everything you say and, in time and unavoidably, the way you think. 

Facebook’s apology for censoring the Declaration of Independence as hate speech does not make the problem go away.

In fact, it makes it worse. 

If Facebook had stated that the censorship was due to a pot-smoking, White-hating, “Native American” (means “redskin” to you and me) SJW who has already been fired, this would have been scary indeed, but still in the realm of human error. But this is not what Facebook says. 

The censorphip was automatic, software-driven, they say in their apology. Most probably, though they don’t say it in order to have their mistake more mercilessly exposed, because of Jefferson’s reference to “merciless Indian Savages”. This means that in that huge, sanitised leftist kindergarten called Facebook you can’t express a perfectly innocuous – and historically very accurate – opinion without your entire paragraph being removed by Big Libtard Brother. 

Facebook has not said that they will put an end to computerised censorship. They are obviously very happy with what they are doing. After being caught, they are simply explaining the embarrassment with the fact that hey, they censor you automatically, at times something is bound to go wrong.     

If “Indian Savages” is a non-word, non meriting existence in the Satanic Kingdom of Facebook, what next? Faggot? Abortionist? Sodomite? Trannie? Gun-grabber? MAGA?

It’s an easy game, you see. Everything I don’t like is “hate speech”, because that pathetic circus freak formerly known as Bruce Jenner might, say, commit suicide if you call him “pathetic circus freak formerly known as Bruce Jenner”.

Facebook must be broken up. not only because of their immense power, but also because of the brazenness with which they abuse it. Publicly, insistently so, and defending the abuse even as they are caught with it. 

Enough with these media monsters.

Break them up, Mr President. 

Make freedom of speech great again. 


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  1. I agree. These social media giants have become far too powerful and influential. We either need them to be broken up or a slew of competitors so they no longer have the monopoly.

  2. if FB’s tv commercial was honest: go to .57

  3. Facebook’s censorship policies are reflective of their overall anti-western civilization bias and leftist agenda that has been taught for decades in our public schools. History today isn’t taught objectively but with an ongoing moralizing narrative referencing the prejudice and discrimination by white/Europeans towards everyone else. I could clearly see the difference in the education perspective by skimming my daughter’s school textbooks.

    Another example of this indoctrination is the Google doodle of which there is almost no escaping. It’s fine that they showcase the achievements of people of color, women of any color, but you can go ages before seeing a depiction of a straight, white male. Even on those rare occasions he’s not drawn respectfully, but looks ugly or demented.

    Since the social media companies are privately owned, I think the solution would either be competition by companies who respect our free speech rights, or a large enough boycott by users. Unfortunately, neither one is likely to happen.

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