Daily Archives: July 9, 2018

Flip Flops And No End

Once again, It’s summer. And once again, I am confronted with the usual mess on a Novus Ordo Mass near you.

Adult men in shorts. Tattooes galore for everyone to see. And the flip-flops, the flip-flops!

Entire families, mother, father and children, all walking around the church in flip-flops. It’s like being at the beach, plus the tabernacle.

It confirms what I have thought for a while now: even a lot of churchgoers nowadays see the church not as a sacred, but purely as a social space. Worse than that: a casual social space, then they would certainly not visit the Queen or the Prime Minister in flip-flops, tattooes well in sight, and shorts. And may I remind you that the Church bans tattooes, and it is a mortal sin to wilfully get one in the knowledge of this prohibition.

The crisis of the Church is a crisis of Catholic thinking at all levels , not merely an issue of perverted Cardinals. It is the poisonous fruit of priests who, in the Seventies, demolished the sense of the Sacred even if they were, on the whole, probably more Catholic than many priests of today. It is, also, the result of the refusal to recognise that 24 years of papacy of JP II have allowed the existing infection to become gangrene.

When sanity comes back, the sacredness of the church space because of the sacredness of the tabernacle it contains should be put front and centre. It all starts knowing where you are and why.


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