God Bless Vladimir Putin

One of the ways in which the modern world tends to corrupt the mind is the unquestioning acceptance of universally accepted worldly values above all else. The most evident example of this is Democracy.

A Democracy that encourages abortion and not only tolerates but celebrates perversion is betraying God. An autocracy that cares for the preservation and transmission of Christian values is serving Him. Let this sink in.

The modern fashion of Russia-bashing is not serving God. Vladimir Putin, who has transformed one of the most atheist Countries on earth in one of the most solidly Christian – and be they Orthodox ones; you can’t always get everything in life – is a modern Constantine. The work is not completed yet- this is a prudent guy, and he will wait for the right time to act on, say, abortion -, but no one can say the man has not made a huge effort, at not indifferent risk for his power in the initial stages.

Russia is a solid ally of every Christian in the West. In all the things that really count for Salvation (and I am sorry to shock you, but Democracy is not among those) Putin has been delivering excellence for going to twenty years. In the West we should thank God for this man, rather than whine because Russia is culturally and traditionally different from Western Democracies.

Vladimir Putin has done so much for Christianity, that it is no surprise the self-righteous, worldly MSMs condemn him every second. He is an existential threats to the likes of CNN or the BBC. They recoil in terror in front of unashamedly Christian Countries like the devil from the holy water.

Russia is our friend, not our enemy. May God bless and protect Vladimir Putin, and allow him to be an important driver of Christian renaissance all over Russia and Eastern Europe for many years to come.

Who knows, perhaps even the one or the other in the West will convert from the cult of Democracy to the religion of Christianity because of him.


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  1. Wow! This blog surprises me. No one I know knows how to judge Putin, but Mundabor is the smartest man I know, and this is what he says.
    I do know that Putin has NO patience with gays, otherwise known as sodomites, thank God. He must be a real man.

  2. sadly for the west, both leaders seem to be naive or afraid to speak or point to the growing threat of islamization of Europe and even their own countries, Russia and USA itself. they are just celebrating the victory over “ISIS radicals”

  3. You may be correct.

  4. Thank you for keeping your readership grounded in reality.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome is epidemic. So many Americans afflicted. Just got back from the Pacific Northwest where the malady is especially virulent in the Portland/Olympia/Seattle corridor.

  5. The hatred of Russia ramped up when Putin did not allow the pro-sodomy forces to infiltrate the Olympics when they were there. Ever since then, it seems Russia moved into the crosshairs politically, from the West anyway.
    I don’t have tons of political knowledge, but I can’t see Putin or Russia as an enemy, and I don’t fear them. I wouldn’t trust them, but I don’t fear them. President Trump is pro-Christian. He can surely find common ground with Putin. What a tragedy the hate-Trump hate-Putin forces are now so vocal, but it is hate-God at the root of it.

  6. I have to agree with you.

  7. M, don’t be fooled by Putin. His opposition to the hideous and evil LGBT agenda, in and of itself, means nothing beyond personal disgust. Don’t forget that the Russian Orthodox have been lapdogs of the government ever since the tsars. Putin’s opposition, though genuine, is another way for him to keep the Orthodox prelates supporting him.
    Besides, if Putin genuinely followed Jesus Christ, he would behave far more differently than he does.
    Moreover, republican democracy is ultimately not responsible for promoting abortion or aberrant sexuality. The United States was a republican democracy for 200 years and for the vast majority of that time, both were illegal. No, the culprit is Marxism — the ideology Putin served during his years in the KGB. Marx himself wanted to abolish the nuclear family in favor of collectivized child-rearing funded by the state. The USSR was the first European nation to legalize free abortion on demand. The radical feminist who continue to demand abortion are almost universally Marxist in their philosophical orientation.
    The enemy of my enemy isn’t always my friend. Also, put not your trust in princes, no matter how they seem.
    I leave you with this thought: If Christianity needs political rulers to spread its values, then Christianity is in a lot worse trouble than anybody realizes.

    • You make the mistake of confusing motives with results. It is far less relevant why Mussolini supported the Church than the fact that he, in fact, did. You can say the same for Constantine and many others.

    • The problem with democracy is that when enough people are polluted by the wrong ideas, a democracy will allow those ideas to pollute the institutions. In an enlightened autocracy this does not happen. And please do not think of him as a commie kgb guy. He has obviously changed, and has changed the country in the process. That he is not a saintly man is not relevant, nor are his motives. God works wonders through the likes of him, Mussolini, Constantine etc

  8. laurelmarycecilia

    Mundabor, how does Alexandar Dugin fit into your thinking on this subject? I remember reading that he is described as “Putin’s Brain”(Foreign Affairs 2014 article) Although I’ve read a few of his books, I’m not a great student of Dugin.but – it’s my understanding – doesn’t his Fourth Political Theory provide for a ‘spiritual’ tool? I wonder how this fits into “…and Russia will spread its errors…” There is no ‘partial’ Truth. Whole hog or nothin’ The Roman Catholic Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic and all that…………… The real battle is adjoined in Genesis Chapter 2

  9. “The problem with democracy is that when enough people are polluted by the wrong ideas, a democracy will allow those ideas to pollute the institutions.”
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

  10. Molto bene Mundabor!
    Perhaps your most insightful political observation.
    It’s no accident Russia is being daemonised without relent, certainly not for any misdeeds of their own..

  11. Agreed! I know that thanks to president Putin the Russian military once again has Orthodox military chaplains for the first time since the last Czar. I love my President Donald Trump and I see many similarities between the two men and they are all strengths. Many of us Americans feel that president Trump was the answer to our prayers. I can’t help but think this might of also been the case with Vladimir Putin. Both men seem to be above politics and are only concerned with morality and the welfare of their own citizens.

  12. Agree with you M, God has changed Trump to become Cyrus who’s carried out God’s agenda to save the world. He’s followed and promoted Catholic’s doctrines and moral teachings much effective and successful than commie, heretical pope, his cohorts and USCCB. Trump realizes that Soviet Union before was a puppet of NWO who utilized communism to incite revolutionary wars all over the world to massacre people, but now Russia has been kicked out 15 years ago and its economy is punished harshly by globalists of bringing down first gold then oil prices which are the life source of Russia. God is saving Russia by guiding Putin joined force with Trump and have defeated NWO’s ISIS and continued to fight back the evil globalists. God’s marvelous and invincible that how he’s using Trump to disintegrate EU, headquarter of NWO. A new dawn of peace and justice of human kind are coming soon.

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