The Anti-Life, Pro-Muslim Pope

President Trump has announced already several weeks ago his choice o Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice. We all know that, in the end, this a battle about abortion and “gay” rights, sorry, wrongs. We all aldo know that whilst results might not be immediate, we are at a real crossroads with this.

You would expect the Pope to hammer the defence of life all summer, just to put some pressure on the US Senators.

Nothing too obvious, of course. But strongly enough that people get the message, and insistently enough that this is the talking point of summer 2018.

You would expect that, if Francis had a shred of Catholic faith in it. But the sad truth is, he does not care for the unborn at all. Living Muslims, and how they can destroy a Continent Christianity has shaped, is all he cares about. Such is his hatred for Christian Europe.

Next time I see the apparently holidaying Pope has opened his mouth to support what is, for every thinking person, an obvious desire to get a free ticket for life in Europe from a horde of people who would import in our countries all the rubbish, religious and social, they have created on their own ones, I think I will scream.

Every one who is really fleeing religious or political persecution would be overjoyed to have to cope with difficult living conditions in whatever African Country, provided he is safe. All the others are scroungers, and many of them must be also criminals to be able to pay the costs of their illegal movements and attempt at being smuggled.

Francis knows all this; because dumb as he is, he is not that dumb; but he does not care, because his priorities lie elsewhere.

And there you have it: as a Protestant President is a Catholic dream, we have to deal with an Anti-Life, Pro-Muslim Pope.

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  1. “Nominally” Protestant President. Still, in policy matters his words and actions are significantly more Catholic than are the current not-so-gloriously-reigning Roman Pontiff… uh, sorry, Bishop of Rome.

  2. Mundabor, I recently discovered this blog and I agree with every word you have writen in this entry, Bergoglio clearly hates europe and sadly this is a very common feeling in his homeland and south america in general, I worked in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and other southamerican counties in agricultural systems and I’ve seen up close how much the locals envy and hate Europe and it’s a very vitriolic feeling, the descendants of europeans keep resenting their parents or grandparents for leaving old continent to move to a country that never developed and became poorer than the land they left behind, there is a generalized idea in argentina that all good things were left behind on the other side of the ocean, then the descendants of natives hate europe because they are told all the time that europeans stole their land and betoken slavery and privilege, this is very common in South America but reach psychotic levels in Argentina, they feel a mix of envy, fascination and hatred of Europe, Bergoglio is a true son of that land.

  3. M, the Church has been pro-Muslim for a lot longer than Francis’ papacy. JPII’s papacy, I believe, was the turning point — as I wrote for “The Remnant” in the USA in January:

  4. “Anti-Life, Pro-Muslim” – Mundabor, I agree, and this post made me think how these two stances by Francis are connected. He knows it’s not Muslim women who get abortions, but European women. Considering that the Pope has the biggest pulpit in the world, but he doesn’t use it in defense of the unborn, I have to conclude by his omission that he is selectively anti-life. It’s the same pattern for contraception. A population decrease of Europeans vs. a natural population increase of Muslims, along with more immigration demanded by Francis and other leaders, will only further aid in the Islamization of Europe. President Trump IS more Catholic than the pope. In my dream, he gets to appoint a new one.

  5. Abortion is about to get legalized in Argentina. The only ones standing firmly against such a crime are lay Catholic families and doctors, hand in hand with Evangelists. Not a word from our Pope, who embarrasses us by being Argentinian. After tthe law is passed, the government is preparing another law to sever all public support to Catholic organizations. Our country is on the brink of apostasy thanks to the combination of a disgraceful Pope and an unethical president.

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