Feminazi Ends Like Hitler

One of the founders of the obscene Feminazi movement known as Femen has just died of what has all the appearance of suicide, including mini note of explanation, with words equivalent to “you are all fake”, photographing her fellow bitches in quite an accurate way.

Stupid children. Brainless spoiled brats. This is what these people are. Self-centred cretins thinking that the world should watch in awe at their tantrums, and getting the easy way out of the self-centred egomaniac foxhole they have dug for themselves when they see that the world looks at their tits when they show them, but does not care a dog’s Femen for them otherwise.

No idea how the witch managed to put an end to her tragically wasted existence. In theory, she might have had sufficient time to, by God’s grace, ask for forgiveness. In practice, this act of huge selfishness and war against everyone does not make such an event probable.

Frankly, I will not lose any sleep on this. God’s will be done.

Feminazi dead. Patriarchy alive.


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  1. johnfkennedy63

    What? No pictures?

  2. Not stupid children. Stupid sheep blinded by satan, with no one to preach the Truth to them or free them. God will deal with phony patriarchs who did not help.

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