Hoplophobia, Or: Make Language Great Again

Two Breitbart articles caught my attention yesterday, and seemed to me to indicate a shift in the way we, on the right side, use communication.

The first article was about a pitcher of the Milwaukee Brewers, of whom politically incorrect or offensive (Breitbart: “homophobic”) tweets had emerged. The man received a standing ovation upon entering the playing field. Boy, baseball does not do PC.

Even more on point, several commenters condemned the use of that stupid word, “homophobic”, used by Breitbart to say, well, “disgusted by faggotry”. Well done, and keep them coming. Enough with kow-towing to the language of the enemy. The enemy does not return the favour, either.

The second article was about the defence of the Second Amendment by a panel of (sane) federal judges, used by Breitbart as an example of how Trump’s excellent judicial appointment are changing the climate in the courts. The judges had used a term, “hoplophobia”, of the “irrational fear of arms”. Boy, this is brilliant. It takes the fight directly to the enemy’s camp, and uses their own weapons against them. And this does not come from activists or comedians, but from serious judges respecting the rule of law.



We need to say things as they are. We are done being afraid of “offending” others. Particularly when it is the others who do, or defend, or propagate disgusting and offensive behaviour.

Make Language Great Again.

The way you talk is the way you think, and the way you act.


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