Let This Papacy Burn

Cardinal O’Malley is in trouble.

Cardinal Wuerl is in even bigger trouble.

It seems that the disgraceful Cardinal McCarrick (see how many Cardinals? Remember Cardinal O’Brien?) could be the beginning of a cataclysm that will leave the miserable, lewd FrancisChurch in tatters, hopefully paving the way for a restoration of, at least, heterosexuality and one day, who knows, even proper Catholicism.

Now, these people (all of them, including the Evil Clown) have exactly this problem: that what is coming into focus is not their practice or cover-up of sodomy, for which the world does not care; but the abuse of minors, for which it very well does.

This bunch of perverts and their enablers have dared to go against the last taboo still remaining in the West, and this is not going to be fun (for them). The same libtards who would gladly look the other way in order to ignore the perversion of prelates useful to their agenda will now be forced to throw the cardinals and bishops to the dogs if they want to keep their readership.

A worm like McCarrick must have left countless pieces of evidence lying around or easy to unearth. Hundreds, possibly thousands of dots all over the Gay Empire are all awaiting to be connected. This has the potential to become a purge of colossal proportions, and in twenty or eighty years’ time the fall of McCarrick could be remembered as the trigger of a movement of historic scale.

Or, everything could be hushed up again. But I struggle to remember another example when such a scandal was hushed up when paedophilia is at play. Even the British Government had to act. Libtards eat their own alive on this. It is difficult to think that they will stop for Catholic prelates.

Let it come, say I. Let the tempest wreak havoc on this Pontificate and all those Cardinals. They are disgusting human beings, and we will never manage to get rid of them if we are afraid of the damage it could do to the Church.

The Church is Indefectible. We do not fear for Her.

Let the faithful be shocked at the extent of the filth. It will be a salutary shock, because the filth is already there.

Oportet ut scandala eveniant. The time for cover-ups is gone. The Church does not need to be protected from scandal, she needs to be cleansed from it and through it.

Let this Papacy burn. Throw more fuel on the flames. May the flames destroy the many layers of dirt and reveal our glorious Bride below them: more strong and more pure after a time of great crisis, as it has already happened in the last.

Let this Papacy burn. The excrement will combust, and reveal the pure gold below.


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