McCarrick Homo Paedo Scandal: Cardinal Farrell Channels His Inner Martin Bormann


“Who, me?”

Cardinal Farrell has produced himself in a piece of involuntary comedy denying that he had any inkling of the perverted inclinations of Cardinal McCarrick. 

“I worked in the chancery in Washington and never, no indication, none whatsoever,” Farrell said. “Nobody ever talked to me about this and I was involved, heavily involved,” 

Funny guy. 

This is just as credible as Martin Bormann saying he did not know anything about the Final Solution. 

It is amusing, and a little sad, to see these people so desperately trying to deny the obvious; hiding behind a finger and hoping that, if they are very, very lucky, no one will come with substantiated accusations about them knowing. Hey, Hitler did not leave any written order about the Final Solution, either…

One can hope (and it is a very founded hope) that now that the… fag is out of the sack many more people will come out and talk not only about those who did, but also about those who knew and did nothing. As to this man, the probability that he is not part and parcel of the homo mafia or, at the very least, beholden to them is almost hilariously – if tragic in its own way – low. 

Prepare yourself for more ” I knew nothing” interviews, and pray that – beside the work of the police, which for some reason linked to the american “Deep State” I happen to not trust – some serious investigative journalism is carried out on this and more and more filth comes to the light.     

I assure you: what emerges might well be shocking, but it will not be unexpected at all. 


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  1. Daniel P. Furey

    I can’t help thinking that the desperate attempts to liberalize and destroy Catholic teaching, and the continuous belittling of “rigid neo-pelagians,” is due in a large part because the homosexuals began to be outed some years back…
    And “Francis” is their spite. (Which homosexuals do so well)

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    LOL at Cardinal Farrell’s denying what he knew about Uncle Ted! So grateful God allowed McCarrick to be exposed for the horror he is! Homosexuals are in too many chanceries.

  3. Realize that “never, no indication” may be an implicit admission that he saw and experienced no effeminacy indicators – and that is a reason for going to hell forever IN ADDITION TO men sleeping with men. And although it may be that some of the current perverts,, enablers, and pedo-diocese-to-diocese shuttlers, prelates and red hats did not themselves and do not themselves rape boys and young men, if they are effeminate, and unrepentant, they will not inherit the kingdom. It is easy to see who is an d who is not effeminate. Guy McClung, Texas

  4. The press in the US covers for the clergy as long as they are reliable liberals. Otherwise, they go hammer and tongs at them. Don’t expect an expose on Farrell, Cupich, “nite nite baby” Tobin, et. al.

  5. PF and his cohorts are trying to turn the Roman Catholic Church into a Satanic Church since many high ranking hierarchies being lied too much like “Father of Lies” disciples. Domine Jesu Christe, miserere nobis.

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