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Bizarro FrancisChurch

As some of you will know, the Italian Government has now proposed a law meant to make the crucifix mandatory not only in buildings like schools, courtrooms and hospitals (this was already the case, with an attack from the “human rights” Nazis already deflected) but also in other symbolic places like, tellingly, ports.

Who do you think would attack such a measure? Militant Atheists? Professed Communists? Hardened Homosexuals?

Well, not exclusively. You must add…. Antonio Spadaro, Society Of Jesus.

The guy criticises the One Whose Name his own Order bears being affixed on the walls of public buildings! The excuse is flimsy and stupid, revolving around the fact that this is not a religious, but a political statement. As if it was bad that the Italian Government recognises and stresses the profound link between Catholicism and Italian identity and culture. This, in a Country that does not have Catholicism as official religion anymore because the very Church of John Paul The Not So Great thought it good that way.

This truly us a bizarro church. This happens all the time now. Prominent churchmen, from the Evil Clown down, are opposed to everything that the Church would support. They hate Catholics with a passion. They want as little Catholicism around as possible. If they could, they would share all our churches with Muslims, to be “welcoming” and “inclusive “.

I don’t know if Spadaro is Atheist, Communist, homosexual, or all three. But certainly, his intervention is so absurdly “off” that a child of six, who is starting to receive his Catholic instruction, would be horrified.

Bizarro FrancisChurch is ashamed of nothing. They have already thrown the mask. At this point they clearly do not care what every Catholic thinks of them.

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