Betrayal Has Consequences

So, should we give money to bad Catholic parishes and dioceses?

Of course not! I am surprised you are even asking!

You don’t help evil people to do evil, period. There is no way giving money to people who are going to use it to promote illegality, worldliness and all sorts of socialist causes is going to be justified. You vote with your wallet, and if necessary let your own priest know. Not everyone can pop in the next Diocese for Sunday Mass, and some would pop in an even worse than their already bad one.

Of course you keep supporting the good dioceses and parishes. Of course you keep giving for the local poor. But Catholic organisations like the SSPX and those more neutral, less politicised organisations that do serious Catholic work (I like Aid to the Church in Need; I wonder how long it will be before Francis ruins them, too) should be preferred as the destination of your charity budget.

Betrayal has consequences. Your bishop and priest should be made to feel it.


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  1. Not giving also has consequences – churches being closed & people left without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass & Sacraments which are still licit. When Traditional Orders don’t respond to requests to come into solo NO areas despite SP, then they don’t deserve any support from Catholics residing in those parts. They have made certain areas elitist & separated themselves from the main body of Christ’s people & have become very silent since the Dubia were issued.

    • There are only a couple of thousand of traditionalist priests, they can’t be everywhere. But it is better for churches to close until the problem is recognised than to keep horrible priests in bread and butter.

  2. In my Archdiocese, their are two collections not taxed by the Chancery, Easter and Christmas. So if you divide your annual giving by two, and give on these dates, your parish keeps 100%. And the Cowardinal gets zippo.

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