Defrock The Scoundrel!!

So, the Evil Clown has accepted Theodore McCarrick’s renunciation to the red hat. Am I wrong or he remains very officially an Archbishop Emeritus, albeit suspended a divinis, and thus higher than most in the hierarchy?

McCarrick has no business being a priest. He must be defrocked, pronto.

The very fact that I write a blog post over something as obvious as that is a clear indication of the diseased state of Holy Mother Church. If this is in the making, then we should be informed of it so that the scandal of letting this man remain bishop and priest one day more be mitigated.

Stop fudging about, Evil Clown, and defrock the scoundrel already.


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  1. Defrock McCarrick and immediately begin canonical proceedings to investigate the massive coverup of predatory sexual assault of both minors and adults. Notify the civil authorities accordingly.
    Condemn Vatican II. Restore the TLM in every diocese worldwide. The healing of the Church and the world will commence.

  2. Defrocking is only the first step. If we lived in a healthy Catholic society, this demon would be handed over to the secular authorities for trial and either a) pushed up against a wall and shot b) hanged until dead or c) burned at the stake. Of course he would have been given recourse to the sacraments before his execution, but raping a child for years and being a sexual predator in saner times earned the death penalty easily. My preference would be burning at the stake…and make it public too. Maybe then those tempted to rape children and assault seminarians would think twice about entering the Catholic priesthood. God bless~

  3. More Bishops should be shouting from the rooftops like this – Bishop Olson, Fort Worth, TX: “… his prompt reduction canonically to the laity should be strongly deliberated…””Justice also requires that all those in Church leadership who knew of the former Cardinal’s alleged crimes and sexual misconduct and did nothing be held accountable for their refusal to act thereby enabling others to be hurt.”
    And the “deliberation” should be short.

  4. Totally agree! As long as this man is a Catholic priest it is an outrage! Imagine what Catholics of prior eras would have thought of a child molesting known homosexual being allowed to live let alone continue being known as a priest. If we allow this, it is on US.
    We can hardly purge homosexuality from the Catholic Church, though that would be the remedy, but we can demand known perverts to be laicized and demand changes, for example, zero tolerance on sexual abuse of minors OR homosexual activity at ALL.
    ZERO TOLERANCE. I don’t want to pay for men diddling each other at a beach house, or anywhere! Not on my dime!
    Now that would eliminate half of these men if not more, but, so be it. If it just keeps them from putting their rotten hands on a boy or young man, it would have done it’s purpose. These men are killing the faith, killing it. There simply must be change or there is going to be a mass exodus. I’m just saying, who the hell wants to belong to or support a sodomite Communist church. They wreck the faith, sodomize each other, and want to replace us with Muslims. What the hell are we supporting??

  5. maggycast, thanks for offering the wise and effective solution that fairness is in there. It’s not cruel at all since sodomizing, multilating and totureing little kids are actually cruelest and sickest of all. Jesus has ordered hanging milestone around their necks and throw them to the deep sea. Their crimes are so insane, demonic, disgusting that not worthy to live as a human being and worst to be priest of God. Thank you, God for revenging.

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