In Every Miracle, “Miracle” Is The Operative Word.

The multiplication of the breads is often used nowadays (by the Evil Clown on several occasions) to give us the good half socialist story of the people “sharing”. Poppycock.

Firstly, it is a miracle. If you believe it was a miracle, it means that you believe that Our Lord created something that was not there. “Sharing” cannot be part of this story. If you believe that it was a “miracle of shating” then obviously you don’t believe it was a miracle. The Gospels report Christ’s miracles because they were just that: miracles. They were not edifying little stories for the titillation of social justice advocates.

Secondly, the story is there with a precise purpose: to show not only a prefiguration of the endless abundance to be found in heaven, but also, and more poignantly for every Jew present, that Jesus is God. Only God can create food, only God can give life, only God can dry a tree to death, only God commands the rain and the winds, only God knows the future, and the like. All these were attributes of God, and every Jewish boy or girl had to learn by heart a long list of attributes of God for his Bar (Bat) Mitzvah, the entrance into the adult world that would make them, inter alia, responsible for blasphemy if they had attributed the attributes of God to anyone that is not God.

Therefore, the meaning of the miraculous multiplication of the breads and fish would be immediately clear to every contemporary Jewish reader or listener. Again, we see this extremely often in the Gospel, on the many occasions in which Our Lord is seen doing something that seems normal to us, but was absolutely shocking (“Your sins are forgiven”) for the ears of His contemporaries, as only possible to God.

The modern socialist society does not understand this, because it does not understand anything of Christianity and is not interested in heaven, but in social justice.

It is not surprising that the Evil Clown keeps vomiting his rubbish about the “sharing”. What comes out of his mouth is what he has inside his heart; and that, my friends, is pure socialist shit.


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    A very good post, Mundabor. However, in Jesus’s time, the Jews did not have bar (or bat) mitvahs; see

    • Thanks, I will keep this in mind. But the point is that they had to learn a list of attributes of God, which is what they would be reminded of during those many episode sin the Gospels.

  2. раб грешный

    Classical modernist sermon always downplays, distorts or ignores the miracles. It is exactly what I heard from a visiting Jesuit during his sermon two days ago – sharing, sharing and then some more sharing. But why did I ever expect orthodoxy, mystery and transcendence in a guitar NO Mass?

  3. It is a sin to not believe in Jesus’ miracles, to attribute purely earthbound interpretations to these glorious actions by the Son of God. Let us marvel at this fact of heavenly abundance and love Him more.

    What a grubby world Bergoglio and all socialist Modernists inhabit.

    When Bergoglio spouts this rubbish it is the ape church in action, don’t you think M? Can you give us your take on the ape church Father Linus Clovis speaks of? A lot is being written about it, how it currently subsists alongside the True Church.

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