Starving The Church

I have writte often, and I am not the only one, that bad dioceses and priests must be starved. Do not give them a dime, period.

This presents, of course, some apparent difficulties. A bad bishop could close the good parishes in order to keep feeding the bad ones. He could get the missing money by starting to monetise the vast patrimony many dioceses have. He could intensify his calls for donations from wealthy donors who, in some countries like the UK, make 70% of the total donations if memory serves me.

However, all this simply should not interest you. You just can’t keep feeding evil people just because they happen to be priests and bishops.

Yes, a miserable V II church near you, led by a priest with a suspiciously high-pitched voice, might close down one day, the building deconsecrated and sold to a developer to be converted in apartments (you see a lot of this in England already, though I would say mostly with Protestant buildings). Yes, the priests served a valid mass and his absolution was also valid.

But the mass of that priest was so dumbed down and kindergarten-like that it only helped your children to lose the faith once they become adults. That priest would never try to give them a solid Catholic foundation to get through life. He would only blabber the generic fluff of his ilk: be good, be inclusive, don’t reject the “other” (means Muslims), don’t be closed to “the excluded” (means perverts), don’t refuse the “stranger” (means illegal), and such stuff. Feeding these people means perpetuating the problem.

The gangrene must be excised. The limb must, if necessary, be amputated. Don’t worry, the Church is Indefectible and will never die. But it is in my eyes preferable to cut the diseased branches off rather than be responsible for their destructive, deforming existence.

Yes, many will remain without a Mass. But the Church has ways to absolve the Sunday Mass obligation for those who cannot reasonably access a decent mass. In time, many may discover that family prayer and scripture reading in a solid Catholuc household actually furthers the faith in his children, whilst the “children ‘s mass” round the corner actually destroys it.

As to confession, I am sad to say I have witnessed enough cases of priests just not showing up at confession time, or visibly peeved that there is a chap there clearly waiting for a confession, or showing up only after I have knocked in the sacristy and actually asked if there is a priest who would hear my confession, for missing even one of these people. Travel further for your confession, and get a good one from a Catholic priest. The good Lord above will have understanding for your plight, and will look with favour at your love for authentic Catholicism.

Don’t be an accomplice of these people. May all sodopedosocialists remain unemployed or isolated or surrounded by angry non-churchgoers because there is no alternative to them.

When this happens, things will begin to improve. Until this happens, we will remain the enablers of Judas.


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  1. I just wrote this on another blog site. I am pretty astounded you are writing this today.

    We have arrived at this place. We understand the knee-jerk reaction, oh, you can’t do that! You must support the church! We are Catholic, we get it, we are under obligation to support the church as best we can. But…
    clearly our church, our beloved Roman Catholic Church, with a pope, and St. Peter’s in Rome, is full to the top with active homosexuals who are raping and pillaging not only boys and young men, but are going through the church like the Visigoths, destroying everything in their path.

    We no longer want to subsidize sodomy on vulnerable boys or young men.
    We no longer want to subsidize priestly sodomy on each other or some poor Third World child not watched by his own parents, nor rented cabana boys or male prostitutes.
    We no longer want to subsidize the Communist USCCB, nor listen to why we ought to replace Christianity with Islam, which is what the pope and the USCCB are doing.
    We no longer want to subsidize the men who are working diligently to dismantle the faith.

    We should organize a protest across the nation, perhaps also the world.
    No Mass attendance.
    No offertory.
    A lay board presents our demands.

    No seminarians with any homosexual inclinations at all. You are precluded, permanently.
    Laicize for sexual activity of any kind, heterosexual and homosexual, including “consensual”.
    This includes priests, bishops, Cardinals.
    A local lay board to monitor, with identified authorities going up the food chain for accountability.
    Zero tolerance for any time a cleric is alone with a young man, save Confession. No campouts, trips, overnight stays, none of it. Young boys and men have proven to be a stumbling block for homosexual priests. Zero tolerance means, you are caught with them alone, you are OUT. There goes your sweet gig, your house, your rent, your healthcare, all of it.

    If we do not demand, and get this, we are doomed to see this homosexual predator problem only get worse and worse. These men are banding together once again, protecting these predators, and enabling this to only grow! If we do not pull this together, I daresay it is hopeless, barring divine intervention, and we will only see more open homosexuality in the church, and more abuse of vulnerably boys and young men.
    WE are complicit in this, if WE do not DEMAND change. Now!

    • short messages please.

      I would still attend Mass as long as it is reverent. But no money other than perhaps an insulting coin or two (in the UK we still have 1p and 2p coins), just to send a message. You attend Mass because of Christ. You give no money to them because of them.

  2. “vulnerable”, I should say.
    Friends, they hold all the cards, this is all we’ve got. If we shrug and continue business as usual, so will they. We need to organize, man up, and bring it.

  3. Daniel P. Furey

    I’ve become convinced that starving them out won’t be as effective as what I’m calling “The Stand Up for the Faith” campaign.

    I will stand at the back of the Church during mass as a protest AND also make my Sunday obligation. When asked to take a seat, I’ll tell them why I’m standing. I hope thousands join me.

    These bastards have enough invested to keep themselves in silks and candles for centuries.

    A very visible protest will get the message across much better.

  4. Thanks for this! It may be the few ‘borderline good’ priests who are initially inconvenienced, who will become the priests needed by Catholics all over the West. Certainly, the status quo cannot last indefinitely.

    • good priest can be supported privately, with private gifts or the offering of masses. Good churches should be still supported taking care the money remains within the church (say: repairs). Diocesan initiatives and bad churches are carefully avoided.

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