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#LockThemUp #Vigano’



Dramatic news from the United States, where Cardinal Wuerl is allegedly planning to leave the country fearing arrest in a RICO investigation.  

Every decent Catholic must hope that, this time, there will be no shielding of Cardinals by shipping them to the Vatican, as The Not-So-Great did. One needs to have enough confidence in the fundamental integrity of the US justice system to allow this to happen. If anyone thinks that the Vatican has a better justice system (with the Pope at its head) than the US, he is living in FantasyPaedoLand. 

We must also hope that handcuffs are locked in on clerical wrists for the following reasons:

  1. We need to show the non-Catholic world that Catholics are at the vanguard of this movement to purify the Church.
  2. We need the pressure given by decades in jail (RICO is, basically, serious organised criminality. There is no way Wuerl could die a free man if found a ringleader) to force people who know to sing like canary birds. I do not think anything short of hasndcuffs would have the same devastating effect.
  3. We need to know how much Rome knew, and how many episodes are such that Francis that does not even have halfway plausible deniability. I mean, just look at who runs the very roof under which he lives!
  4. We need to have an example set for many other Countries, like Italy, where massive investigations might soon be underway; the more so as the US investigation might assume (as it will will very probably do) the character of an international investigation against a multinational ring of complicity and abetting of crime.

Don’t ask me to have any compassion for Wuerl and his own. Don’t ask me to abuse the obvious truism that everyone is innocent until found guilty to hope that there should be no serious investigations to find whether someone (or rather, who) is guilty. Do not even begin with the usual rubbish, that this “damages the Church”.

This does not damage the Church. This actually cleans it. What this scandal will damage is the vast net of homopaedo prelates and priests, and those who aid and abet them.

Pray for Archbishop Vigano’; the man who, more than any other, has given propulsion to this issue and, calling the Pope by name, has given a fully new dynamic to the matter.

Actually, make of the man your battle cry.




We Have A Battle Cry: “Vigano’!!”

I have listened very attentively to the video posted on Father Z’s blog.

I have no doubt about what the people are chanting:


I needed to listen to it many times and I am persuaded that:

The first letter is a “v”

The accent is clearly on the last syllable.

“Italo” (a beautiful Baptism name, beloved of Right-wing Italians btw) would never have the accent at the end (the accent is on the first vowel, unlike Italia which has it on the second). Besides, the v seems audible enough to me.

Then let’s go thinking about this rationally: there is simply no reason why the faithful would start to chant the first name of the bishop of Lucca, beautiful as Lucca is, days after Vigano’ s name is being repeated around the world. Even that would be a huge slight to the Pontiff, but it just does not make sense.

The only thing that makes sense is that the Roman people, never known for timidity or Papolatry, have had enough.

“Vigano’ ” is way more effective than words like “abdicazione” or “dimissioni”. It is a spontaneous battle cry everyone immediately relates to. It is impossible to miscontrue its meaning. And it’s so damn Catholic no one chanting it can be confused with the atheist crowd.

We have our battle cry.

I hope it will resound by every public gathering where a Bishop or a Cardinal speaks to the sheep. Let it resound by every public function and blabla talk, cameras or no cameras.

The sheep are fed up with being fleeced by perverts, predators and their willing accomplices.


Cowardinals In (In)Action

You can read on Church Militant that two “terrified Cardinals” have anonymously confirmed to them that Vigano’ s allegations are entirely true.

I read the article and I was terrified. Really, our Cowardinals are such pussies that, even in the middle of a raging scandal and with many bishops asking for hard measures, they don’t have the guts to openly denounce Francis even if they perfectly well know that the accusations against him are true.

This explains a lot: from the drug fuelled homosexual orgies to the decades long cover up of paedophile protection, besides the countless heresies Francis was allowed to spit out of his lewd mouth in all these years.

This also explains why Francis, in another typical action of his, had the gut to appear in front of journalists and say, in so many words, “now you behave like good boys and make this disappear”. A Pope afraid of consequences from his own Cardinals would never say such things. Cardinals who have been able to shut up in front of his heresies will clearly not find the guts to speak and accuse him of aiding paedos.

This is the state we are in.

I have no doubt that those two Cowardinals who have contacted Church Militant even think that they are being courageous, of sort, and that they will avoid hell because they said anonymously to a press outlet how atrocious the situation is, instead of actually acting to put an end to it. May God forgive them their astonishing betrayal. This is like the policeman witnessing a rape in front of his eyes and doing nothing, and then sending an anonymous letter to a newspaper saying that rapes occur in his precinct.

It is, literally, the job of the Cardinals to act in this situation. They have, literally, no other job.

Cardinal is now officially synonymous of “useless coward, scrounger of church money, and good for nothing”.


The Summer Of 1989 Is Here Again.

I admit that I have forgotten my crystal ball home today; however, what is happening reminds me a lot of the Summer of 1989 in, say, the German Democratic Republic.

Old, discredited member of the Communist hierarchy went on condemning the hysterics of the unwashed peasants, and seeing conspiracies everywhere. Meanwhile, it was clear that the problem was out, and it was not possible to make it disappear.

The Evil Clown and his Evil Minions are behaving in the same way now. Stupid, inordinate attacks against Archbishop Vigano’ have only consolidated his prestige and reputation, and those bishops and Cardinals now rallying around Pope Francis The Heretic are clearly desperately trying to save themselves, as they know that their career – in some cases, their very habit – is now in danger.

This will not go away, and it is somewhere between stupid and retarded (which is: in the region of Francis’ IQ) to think that the end of summer will bring this away with some new event or controversy.

Even if the entire leftist press were to let this fall – and I doubt it very much, as for many of them anticlericalism is not a strategic choice, but a reflex – the conservative press and the almost entire Catholic blogdom would keep pounding on this like there is no tomorrow. Breitbart alone is enough to keep this going forever and believe me, they are not going to give Francis any respite for as long as he is Pope.

Yes, this reminds me of the Summer of 1989 as the dynamic in play is the same; but it is impossible to predict the outcome, and I for myself think it improbable that Francis will be persuaded to abdicate.

What we must work towards is the incineration, the thermonuclear destruction of this disgraceful Pontificate; doing, in this way, all we can to encourage the Cardinals to give us one in the mould of Vigano’ (or as much as one can be found) as our next Pontiff when the time comes. How ironic, by the way, that the Evil Clown was said to have been chosen to fight against corruption in the Vatican!

God works in mysterious ways. Things are happening now that would not have been realistically imagined six months ago.

We are already on the winning side. But the fight must be fought nevertheless.

Let us nuke this Pontificate and have it remembered in infamy in one thousand years.

If Francis does not resign, show him what fun it is for him to stay.


Benedict Is Every Bit Part Of This Mess

Not for the first time, I read around of oh poor Benedict being the victim in the situation he himself contributed to create. Let me open some people’s big, blue eyes to reality.

Benedict, always the man for half measures, orders McCarrick to retire to a life of prayer and penance, but he is not man enough to have the fact widely known. It is difficult both to retire to a life of penance in secret, and to enforce such an outlandish order. It is also not surprising that such “orders” are then regularly disobeyed, as there cannot be much discipline when the one in charge has no guts to enforce it. But seriously: one who orders a punishment he does not want the world to know is clearly not ordering, but meowing. Particularly so, when it is well known how weak the man is at enforcing everything, from Summorum Pontificum to loyalty in his own domestics.

Benedict is, albeit without the evil intent of a Francis, every bit a part of the problem. The very thought that a Cardinal with a decades-long history of predatory homosexual behaviour should not be made an example in front of the entire world, setting the tone for how things are done, gives you the measure of the lack of effectiveness – nay: sheer lack of balls – of the man.

Also, if we want to talk about those who “knew and did nothing”, let us reflect on this: when Benedict received the famous 300 pages report on homosexuality – a report whose importance we begin only now to fully grasp – he was pretty much the most informed man of the entire Church about the homosexual scourge ravaging it.

What he did then was, actually, worse than nothing: he fled his post knowing – because he had read the report and was way more informed than everyone of us – that his successor would likely be either one of the homo mafia or one of their puppets. Then he lavished praise on the man they elected.

Please stop defending the man just because he looks so defenceless and is not an evil guy by character: the events now unfolding under our eyes make very clear that Benedict knew the entire scale of the homosexual evil going on around him, and the only things he could oppose to it was “secret punishments” or outright flight.

Benedict in indefensible, and the only good aspect of his situation is that, having validly resigned, he cannot be reinstalled on the papal throne, thus allowing him to make more damage out of sheer weakness and very German gregarious spirit.

Benedict, too, should use the time remaining to him to retire to a life of prayer and penance, and no damn Francis-praising interviews; reflecting on the huge evil his cowardice has inflicted on all of us and on the Church of Christ.


“Ab Illo Benedicaris In Cuius Honore Cremaberis”: First Reflections On The Present Scandal



As I am, like everyone, digesting the scope of the events, I would like to offer some reflections about some issues related to Archbishop Vigano’s historic j’accuse: 1. why now, 2. what now and 3. why this, and not the rest, has become an existential threat for Francis’ Pontificate. 

Why now 

Archbishop Vigano’ was the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016. He had more information than most. He might have been approached by the police, or he might have been advised to release an affidavit in anticipation of such an approach. It is easy to think that he was abundantly disgusted by Francis’ behaviour, but did not find the strength (remember: Archbishop = coward) to either go public with this or, more likely, leak the story outside; something, by the way, which would not have had anywhere near the devastating effect it will have now. 

My first take (and we will likely know more in the near future) is that the man got so enraged when he read the latest, hypocritical Francis’ statement that he decided that enough is enough and he would blow the whistle. However, the very fact that this is a declaration under oath leads me to think that this is, again, a move meant either to react or to anticipate questions that have been, or would be posed to him as a person informed about the facts. 

I am pleased to see that the man has some basic decency, albeit I notice that the current scandal allows him to attack with the minimum of danger to his own position. Still, as my estimation of the current average archbishop goes, this one seems to score above average. 

What now 

I think one of the two has happened: either the Archbishop (who, methinks, lives in Rome and is in any way certainly not isolated and in contact with many of his colleagues) has informed others of his intentions and knows of others who will follow up on his accusations (not unlikely, if you reflect about the amount of credible allegations of cover up for his friends and allies that a man so stupid and so arrogant like Francis must have left around in five and a half year of Pontificate); or he has decided to go with this alone and allow event to unfold as they may, again knowing that his speaking out loud, without warning and without the time to even threaten or demote him, is way less dangerous now than it would have been years ago. It boggles the mind that the Vatican leaks like a sieve, and explosive information like this one does not find its way to, say,  Breitbart or even (if you really want to play it hard) an anti-clerical outlet like, say, the “New Yorker”.   

Why this    

This is the depressing part of the whole story: Francis has been offending Christ, the Church and Her Sacraments in every possible way for years, and no Archbishop besides the retired Gracida called for his deposition; besides, Gracida himself called for his deposition as invalidly elected, not because of his actions as a Pope.

This tells me that in today’s Church Christ is of so little consequence, and the world of such great importance, that a Pope who has offended Christ in a way infinitely more grave than every offence made to man (we need to repeat this, lest we lose all perspective) might be brought down not by his countless heretical statements, but by his inability to comply with the standards of the world. The fact, I add, that the standard of the world in matter of paedophilia are quite OK (those in matter of homosexuality, which is at the root of the issue, clearly aren’t) does not make the consideration less sad. 

If Francis resigns on this (his pontificate is, by now, destroyed anyway) history will remember that a Pope able to stun the Catholic world with years of constant heretical statements was brought down by… his cover-up of sexual scandals. 

It seems that the world Francis loves so much wants to kill him with its own weapon. 

God works in mysterious ways.

Francis might now abdicate, or not. Cardinals and Archbishops might finally find the courage to ask him to step aside, or not. 

But make no mistake: this Pontificate is now officially nuked. Francis might decide to preside over the heap of ashes until he croaks, but his ability to damage the Church in the eyes of every decent Catholic is now damaged beyond repair. There is no way to recover from this, though I think he is so stupid he does not get it.   

Be gone, Francis; and if not, be your pontificate totally incinerated. To you we say, as (allegedly) that great Pope of the past said to other heretics: 

 Ab Illo Benedicaris In Cuius Honore Cremaberis

“Be blessed by him in whose honour you shall be burned”





Hagan Lio!!! Archbishop Vigano’ Calls For Francis’ Abdication



I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. 

Archbishop Vigano’ asks for the Pope’s abdication, together with the resignation of: 

Cardinal Wuerl

Cardinal Maradiaga

Cardinal Cupich 

Cardinal Coccopalmerio 

Archbishop Paglia 

Cardinal Bertone

This is not an interview. This is an eleven page affidavit, that is: a declaration given under oath. 

The Archbishop’s  revelations are so explosive that not even the adjective “explosive” is sufficient to describe them. They are very detailed, up to the date when the Archbishop informed Francis of McCarrick’s long history of abuse (in 2013!! Nowhere to hide, Frankie boy!). 

Read the article. Then read it again. Cardinal Bertone is also hit by a maverick, but he is now, as McCarrick, emeritus at age 83; though I hope he will be punished strongly anyway. 

I can easily imagine that other Prelates will now speak. The fact is, Francis has now been outed, and the “smoking gun” that is the accusation of no less than an Archbishop, based on his personal experience with Francis, and given under oath, makes a defence of Francis very, very difficult to mount. 

Also, imagine the level of scrutiny that will be unleashed on every Cardinal and Archbishop daring to accuse the whistleblower(s) of damaging the Church and all that rubbish we have heard too often in the past. 

Finally, finally, f.i.n.a.l.l.y. a member of the higher echelons has moved; and, cowards as they all are, I can easily imagine that he is the first one of a handful who will now accuse him one by one, and make his position more and more difficult. Actually, I can not imagine that the Archbishop has not agreed with others to keep the pressure up, in a sort of #metoo movement. We will see in the next days and weeks whether the Archbishop acted alone (perhaps fearing of being poisoned, and I say this in jest but not too much) or is the first one of a Demolition Brigade awaited for too long. 

My dear readers, tell everyone you know that Francis must go. Scream it from the rooftops. Let you cry be heard on the Moon.

Hagan lio!!!! 

This pontificate must be incinerated. 

And it will still nothing compared to the punishment awaiting this guy and his accomplices unless he, and they, repent. 


This is What The “Aggiornamento” Led To

Nichols Dublin

This shocking photograph is from the big, fat, nuCatholic FrancisCircus called the “world meeting of families”.

No less than a Cardinal is giving no less than the keynote address.

Look for yourselves.

This is where the “dialogue with the world” ends. This is what happens when “aggiornamento” means allowing homos to enter the Seminaries. This is the unavoidable outcome when families decide that the best thing to do for them is to stay away from clergymen of every colour. This is the result when rabid pro-homo speakers, themselves wearing the habit, are invited to speak to such events.

Burn, FrancisChurch, burn.

We, the Catholics, will look at your destruction and stoke up the fire that consumes you.

Because we know that the Church is Indefectible, and when the thick strata of mud of almost 60 years of V II (now topped by the stinking manure that is the current pontificate) is removed we will see again the radiant, wonderful, Church that Christ established below it. As hard and as beautiful as a diamond, One and Holy as She has always been and will ever be, ultimately untouched by all the strata of mud (or manure) that evil men may throw over Her, as they have done often in the past and will do at times in the future, until time ends.

This stupid bunch of homos think they can persuade us that the Church has changed, that the diamond is now a vulgar stone painted in rainbow colours.

Let the picture above tell the story of what fools they are.





How Many Cardinals And Bishops Used The “Rhodesia Solution”?

How The Dumb Have Fallen: WaPo Asks For Pope’s Head



I didn’t have a single abusive priest or nun in 12 years of Catholic education. This horror has ownership, and the deed’s many names include Wuerl. And with Monday’s “everybody is to blame” mea non-culpa from Pope Francis, his name is on it too. Wuerl needs to resign. And the church [sic] would be better off with two retired popes and a new man absolutely dedicated to supporting the reformers, not suppressing them.

Well, quite.

But the issue I would like to comment on today is not the details about Cardinal (for how long?) Wuerl and Pope Francis’ at the very least least stellar incompetence and stupidity. 

It is the fact that five and a half years into this disgraceful Pontificate, the stupidity of the man has managed to turn against him the very icons of the secular culture whose approval he always sought. The man is the Anti-Midas: if he touches gold, it becomes shit. 

The man is so stupid that he had the gall to denounce a culture of abuse and coverup in Chile, after being very publicly a part of the culture of coverup until weeks before his denunciation, and not after months of ferocious criticism. It is not only that his hypocrisy is mind-boggling; it is that his incompetence, and the incompetence of the people around him, makes a Banana Republic seem Switzerland. 

When the scandal exploded, Francis did what he always does when events overcome the ability of his little brain to function: he shut up. Then he decided to still say nothing, but left the Vatican PR office to pen the most unbelievable press release, centred around the concept that only a minority of the claims were after 2002 and the Church is doing her job all right on the whole, thank you very much.

When the outrage was heard on Mars, and the fact that the Pope was still shutting up was angrily noted on Saturn, he released the Manifesto of the Banana Republic of Francislandia; which, not entirely surprisingly, stated that the remedy for Church abuse is “more solidarity”. It is like a Marxist seamless garment theory: however shitty we are, the cure for that is Socialism.

Hey, there is too much war and Capitalism in the world. This is why our priests are bad.

A snippet, chosen at random, if you don’t believe me:

Together with those efforts, every one of the baptized should feel involved in the ecclesial and social change that we so greatly need. This change calls for a personal and communal conversion that makes us see things as the Lord does. For as Saint John Paul II liked to say: “If we have truly started out anew from the contemplation of Christ, we must learn to see him especially in the faces of those with whom he wished to be identified” (Novo Millennio Ineunte, 49). To see things as the Lord does, to be where the Lord wants us to be, to experience a conversion of heart in his presence. To do so, prayer and penance will help. I invite the entire holy faithful People of God to a penitential exercise of prayer and fasting, following the Lord’s command.[1] This can awaken our conscience and arouse our solidarity and commitment to a culture of care that says “never again” to every form of abuse.

You couldn’t make this up.

And so it happens that even the Washington Post has decided to publish an article stating that it would actually be wise if the man were to step aside; and no, such articles are never published by mistake, and they never are the opinion of one man. This is a clear editorial policy and signals that Francis has just flown out of the window at WaPo.

How the dumb have fallen. But also: how dumb did they have to be, in order to be ditched by people who would want nothing more than the continuation of Francis’ policy of destruction of everything Catholic around him. 

The Dictator of the Free State of Bananas has become Pope, and it appears the homo mafia who put him there aren’t much smarter than he is, either.






REBLOG: Why Father Guarnizo Is Right

Mundabor's Blog

The appointment of Cardinal Wuerl to the Congregation for Bishops is a good occasion to refresh our memory concerning the good Father Guarnizo.


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Purge The Church Of The Homo Scourge

Matt Walsh: “Homosexuals must be banned from the priesthood — no exception. They must be banned. I said this has to be ruthless, brutal, uncompromising and so that’s one of those steps. Every homosexual priest — banned.”

Good statement. However, homo clergy are – officially – banned from the Church already, as homosexuality is – and has always been – not compatible with the priesthood.

Only an age as stupid as the Age of Insanity can come to the point of even beginning to believe that a person afflicted by this horrible perversion may have his hands consecrated, and everything should be fine provided he is celibate. Such a thinking shows a desensitisation for perversion that is, in itself, a sign of the vast perversion of sane thinking now reigning among the mainstream.

There is no place for priests in the Church. A priest is supposed to be – as much as possible – a holy man, and a pervert can never be a holy man, as Satan is ravaging him from the inside. Would anyone think that a person with an incestuous tendency can be a priest, provided he does not sleep with his mother? Seriously, what do these people have in their supposedly Catholic heads instead of a brain?

We need priest who know to speak out, as it is very reasonable to assume a lot of priests know a lot more than the average pewsitter about the Seminary time of their now-colleagues. We need journalists to publish credible and substantiated allegations. We need to force our clergy to purge as many homo priests and bishops as possible; not out of their own courage (which they don’t have) but because of the immense pressure coming from a laity now booing them at every step, not giving them every money, insulting them with everyone they know, denouncing them as the unworthy, miserable pariah and rejects they are; we need to create a climate in which it is too risky for a homosexual to think of the Ecclesiastical career, because if the events of 2018 start even a half serious purge and cause a number of prominent heads to fall there will be no saying when the next purge comes, and what its severity will be.

Every homosexual priest, banned.

Start getting used to the idea, and promote sanity within the Church again. 



Cardinal Wuerl Must Go: Please Sign The Petition

I disagree that petitions don’t work. They create a climate. Francis certainly despises the petitioners, but if the petition makes headlines that is another headline against this Venezuelan Pontificate.

Please sign the petition. Exert pressure in any way you can. Don’t give the scoundrel any respite.





At The Head Of The Movement

And so the secular press and people are likely trying to capitalise on the newest scandals to attack not the criminal behaviour of single individuals, but the Church as an Institution.

Let them. That’s all they know, and all they always do.

We, however, must not be deceived into thinking that we must, for this reason, run to the defence of the bishops. We must, like a martial arts fighter, use the energy of the adversary for our purpose.

Let the calls for full enquiries and imprisonment of the culprit spread aĺl over the West. Let us, actually, help and amplify the call. It will show to honest people the world over that the problem is not the Church qua Church, but some evil individuals we ourselves, as we first of all, want to get rid of.

Get this: we have nothing to fear from the movement if we put ourselves at its head. It will be the great crusade for the cleansing of the Church, Her enemies will be but helpers and spectators.

And always, always, relentlessly, without cease, insist on this: the paedophilia crisis is a crisis of homosexual infiltration in the first place. Get rid of homo priests, get rid of paedo scandals. Simple as that.

The Tip Of The Iceberg And The Resignations (Or Prosecutions) That Must Follow

prison bars

The cure. 


Correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember that then-Cardinal Ratzinger issued a new discipline for cases of suspected paedophilia in or around 2000 or 2002. The new discipline mandated that all cases of suspected paedophilia be referred to Rome, to be investigated from there away from the protection afforded by the local cabals. 

Now raise your gaze above Pennsylvania, and let it rest from sea to shining sea (or, if you prefer, above the fruited plain). It is clear that Pennsylvania is not an island, completely cut off from what happens in the rest of the Country. PA must perforce be the tip of a vast iceberg.

Now let us reflect a moment: how many cases of disobedience to the Ratzinger rule must have been in this time? How many Bishops must have been involved? How many of them have become Archbishops, or Cardinals? How many of them are homosexual, or were blackmailed by those who are?  

And let us also be clear on one thing: if we thought that the problem had been largely eradicated ten-fifteen years ago, but then discover this was not the case, how many other cases must be going on now, as I write this?

Where there are homosexual priests, there must be paedophile priests, then even if not every homo is a paedo, most paedos are homos. Has the number of homosexual priests decreased in the last fifteen years? Can anyone say that the phenomenon of homosexual priesthood has been eradicated? Does the oh so friendly parish priest in the church near you make the impression of having the required dose of testosterone? Thought not… 

I begin to suspect that the organisation of the Church in the US (and in who knows in how many other countries) harbours a vast net of paedophiles operating either in the shadow or in the half-light, and with many that should see either too incompetent to see, or too cowards to do anything, or blackmailed themselves. 

Let us say, to make an example, that a Cardinal (let us say, to make an example: Wuerl) is not a paedo, but he is still a homo. He knows that he can be crushed every day. He is confronted with paedophiles among those of his same tribe. Will he be the relentless persecutor of child abusers? Or will he limit himself to do the bare minimum to have some defence in future, whilst not causing his own demise by the hand of the paedo cabal? How many situations like this one must there be all over the West, if we consider  the number of people in purple and red we can clearly see can be legitimately suspected of homosexuality? Do you really think that, say, Cardinal Coccopalmerio is normal?  

And what about the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires? Was his conduct whilst there, and before being there, above suspicion? Thought not… 

No. This problem cannot be addressed by the same people who created it. We need to see guilty priests, bishops and cardinals rot in jail.

This might, in time, be deterrent enough. Then when the official structures have become so corrupted that they cannot reform themselves from the inside, Providence will provide the way how they can be reformed from the outside. 






Back To Basics

I read around of people who oppose the most recent FrancisHeresy about the Capital Punishment whilst still being factually opposed to it in a somewhat lesser way.

Let us make something clear: the problem with the word “inadmissible” is nothing to do with whether this lack of legitimacy is proclaimed for all situations or not. Rather, it is to do with the rejection of its fundamental legitimacy.

Pope Francis denies that the Capital Punishment is legitimate in principle; in which, I think, lies a heresy as big as the Leonine Walls, and which would have been recognised immediately and without hesitation by everyone in past Christian times. But it really isn’t much helped if one says that he opposes Francis for declaring the Capital Punishment an Evil, whilst still thinking that it should have no place in modern societies. There is simply no way this can be reconciled with Catholic doctrine.

To state that modern psychology or reeducation methods make Capital Punishment superfluous is tantamount to saying that modern, worldly remedies reach parts of the human nature that Christianity could never reach and taught were non-existent. It also sends a clear message that not only Capital Punishment, but every other teaching of the Church can be sabotaged because modern psychology gas allowed us a deeper insight into human nature, as can be easily applied to, say, suicide, gluttony, or adultery.

Honestly, I don’t care much for supposed defences of orthodoxy that are deeply embedded in V II thinking, which undermines this orthodoxy in the first place. Francis’ disgraceful pontificate must serve as an encouragement to recover the real roots of Catholic thinking, not merely to walk a couple of step back in what is and remains the wrong direction.

The solution to blatant heresy is the truth of all times, not the veiled heresy of past decades. Enough with the poison of V II. We need to go back to basics and accept them without compromises.


Pennsylvania And Us


The Grand Jury report about the abuses in Pennsylvania was released yesterday, and it makes you sick.  It makes you, literally, ashamed of being in the same Church as the dozen of bishops and other Church personnel whose complicity or utter incompetence was absolutely necessary for evil on such a scale to happen.

Some tidbits:

In Erie, a 7-year-old boy was sexually abused by a priest who then told him he should go to confession and confess his “sins” to that same priest.

Another boy was repeatedly raped from ages 13 to 15 by a priest who bore down so hard on the boy’s back that it caused severe spine injuries. He became addicted to painkillers and later died of an overdose.

One victim in Pittsburgh was forced to pose naked as Christ on the cross while priests photographed him with a Polaroid camera. Priests gave the boy and others gold cross necklaces to mark them as being “groomed” for abuse.

What can one say. Breathtakingly evil. In our midst. Perpetrated by priests, acted out by consecrated hands.

Their Bishops have become Cardinals.

Do not be, for a moment, deceived by the fact that the oldest of the abuses appear to have been perpetrated during the Age of Sanity. The Age of Sanity was not the Garden of Eden, either, nor is any intelligent person going to claim with you that we went from perfection to Vatican II. However, every sane person will recognise the profound difference between occasional evil acts in a sane Church, and the explosion of evil that must follow the infiltration of the Church through an obviously great number of homosexuals. 

Hopefully, heads will roll on this, albeit prosecution will be rare in the cases exposed (which, is you ask me, isn’t wrong: if a man of 83 says were to say he has been abused after having shut up all his life, including decades of rabid anti-Catholic propaganda and lots of money to be made with lawsuits, I for myself would take it with three pinches of salt).

However, to us the bigger problem is not the abuses allegedly perpetrated in 1941, or 1957, and never denounced up to now. It is the presence of homosexual clergy at all levels of the Hierarchy.

Until we realise that this demonic infestation is at the root of the problem, the problem will never go away.



It is to us, the faithful, to reclaim that our priest be decent straight guys as it used to be until the Age of Insanity. Then the vast part of this and many other problems will be eliminated; then every homosexual priest, paedophile or not, is and must be at war with the Church in many other issues, and become a social justice warrior, enemy of capital punishment and foe of the sacrament as he tries to recycle himself into a half decent being in the eyes of the world, well-knowing the scumbag he is in the eyes of the Lord.

It is also to us, the faithful, to educate those around us about the obvious connection between homosexuality and paedophilia. Decades of priest abuse statistics have shown beyond any doubt that not all homosexuals are paedophiles, but most paedophiles are homosexual. Search the first John Jay Report if you have any doubt (the second doesn’t count, as we were already in the age of rampant political correctness and no priest was identified as homosexual who did not identify himself as such; go figure).

This, the homosexuality within the clergy, is the elephant in the room. When the elephant is dealt with, things will improve. Until this is done, things will remain the same.


Agreeing With Francis

If we do not oppose evil, we feed it tacitly, says Pope Francis the Heretic.

Well, I wholeheartedly agree.

It is not enough to just stay silent in front of Francis’ heresies, and go on thinking one has done enough. It is not enough for a priest to simply ignore Francis’ dissemination of confusion without instancably reiterate Catholic teaching. It is not enough for a Bishop to avoid condemning heretical statements from members of the Clergy.

We need to not only ignore this minion of Satan, but to actively oppose him. We need to warn other Catholics of the real and present danger for the Faith he represents. We need to shred this satanical Papacy to pieces in such a way that, with God’s help, the Cardinals will give us a halfway decent Pope when this one croaks, as I hope he does today.

This Papacy is merely the continuation of a rebellion started with Vatican II. It is the deserved punishment for our collective arrogance. The one who wants to stop being punished must behave in such a way that the punishment is seen as not necessary anymore. The punishment will end when we, those who still believe, will mount a reaction such that it deserves us its termination. But we must demand a return to sanity as we, collectively speaking, were the ones happy to see the Church adapt to the world and pander to it.

You see? I agreed with Francis!

Hopefully, for the last time before he dies a painless death.

Italian Catholics See Through Francis


Boy, I can’t see that mug anymore…

This here is Politico, therefore the entire article is disgustingly biased. However, even Libtards do not manage to escape the contact with facts, at least every now and then. 

In this case, the facts are impossible to ignore: Italians simply do not care a straw of what Francis says and thinks, and prefer to follow a man that is, by all his flaws, infinitely more Catholic than him: Matteo Salvini, the Italian Trump, currently Making Italy Great Again.

Francis, being a damn Argentinian Commie, does not get the nature of the Italians, one of whose more evident traits is a robust pragmatism and avoidance of bigotry. The shockingly anti-Catholic message of the Evil Clown has been ignored even before his descent to Pope Francis the Heretic. Now, that there is an extremely stark contrast between political and papal approach, they are clearly choosing sanity and common sense.

The article recognises another important fact: the opposition to Francis and the support for the Lega comes, exactly, from the strata of the population which more closely identify (at least culturally) with Catholicism. This again gives the full measure of Francis’ failure. It is not that he carries the shrinking Catholic part of the Country, but fails to make inroads among the indifferent, the tepid and the Atheists. Quite the contrary is the case!  

What a sad destiny for man too stupid to understand that he has broken the toy that the Papacy has put in his hands. Had he been more nuanced, moderate, or “between the lines”, he could have JP IIed through his Pontificate, playing the conservative guy as he sabotaged the Church one little step at a time. But this is not Francis. Francis is too arrogant, too boorish, and too damn stupid to understand simple things.  In the meantime, Salvini has announced the end of the madness of “Parent 1” and “Parent 2”, and is (together with his excellent Family Minister, Fontana) moving against homo adoption. Can’t remember the Pope expressing himself with the same energy and asking the same decisive action. And he is, well, the Pope.

We are now to the point that it is reasonable to state that Francis’ rants actually help Salvini get the Catholic vote.

Yes, this is the Papacy of Francis.

Just as incompetent as a South American military dictatorship. With the addition of sodomy.




Argentina Obsesses About Abortion

The Argentinian Senate has rejected a proposal to legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks. Boy, they do “obsess about abortion”over there, don’t they?

I will go out on a limb now and state what many others think: on the balance, Pope Francis would have preferred that the law had been approved.

Whilst the man emits, every now and then, some noises in defence of the unborn, they always sound like lip service: too little, too late, too faint. Way less than the minimum that can be expected by a Pope. This, obviously, from a man capable of criticising Catholics for “obsessing about abortion”. I don’t know you, but I think there are robust dots to be connected here.

We enjoy this victory today, and prepare for more battles to come. Battles which, in these astonishing times of ours, will be fought without the Pope.


Lock Them Up!!



Bishops vs Chilean Police is not going to end well.

After the Chilean police reacted to the usual… stonewalling (pun is intended) of the local bishops, they started to raid chanceries.

Boy, how the times have changed! There’s no respect for paedoabetters anymore! Where will it end?

The president of the local Bishops’ conference manages to give another example of the incompetence and stupidity (or worse) of these people, and art this point I suspect that unless you are deviant or stupid your probability of becoming a bishop are slim.  First he says that the collaboration with the police must be total; then he says that on that basis he wants to “reach an agreement”. It’s like saying: “I accept unconditional surrender; now let’s negotiate”.

Look, man. If you have criminals in your midst you should actually encourage the police to raid whenever they want, wherever they want, and offer your full support, period. The wish to reach an “agreement” clearly implies that the bishop thinks that a special treatment is in order, and they should discuss with the police on how to do this. This is almost as stupid as Cardinal Wuerl suggesting that bishops investigate why bishops are bad. I hope he fails.

Please think this: a wide-ranging investigation over paedophiles is bound to unearth a vast net of sodomites. This was, I am sure, in the mind of Bishop Silva as he tried to steer the investigation and shape the collection of the evidence in a way that does not damage the bishops… too much. Imagine the dirt an investigation of vast proportions would cause to emerge! I expect dildos, rent boys, cocaine and trannies galore.

As one commenter of the linked article said, “lock them up!” is the appropriate attitude here. I hope the Chilean Police go Pinochet on these bastards. 

Bishops have lost their right to get any privileged treatment whatsoever, and apologies are too little and too late now.

It is ironic to think that the major force able (God willing) to make the Church in Chile great again is… the police.




Bring It On!! Pope Francis The Heretic vs Warrior Ants.

Prepare yourself for all sorts of people claiming that Pope Francis The Heretic has now “changed doctrine” on Capital Punishment, or even “abolished” it.

It is here, my dear readers, that the Warrior Ants enter the scene.

We must constantly, relentlessly insist on the simplest Catholic truth: that Truth cannot be changed.

Pope Francis The Heretic can say that two and two is five, or that he is the Queen of Sheba, or that cats bark, or that Capital Punishment is inadmissible. But this does not change the facts on the ground: two and two is four, Francis is not the Queen of Sheba (who knows about other types of… queen), cats do no bark, Capital Punishment is part of the depositum fidei.

We, the Warrior Ants, need to insist on this day in and day out. In the family, in the office, with our friends, on social media, on Internet fora, everywhere. We must be ready to face conflict and mockery. We must be extremely assertive and as hard as granite. We must be a rock for Christ in the midst of crumbling worlds. Be tough. Lose friends. Keep praying for them.

God works in mysterious and not-so-mysterious ways. It is intuitively evident, and obvious from the real life observations I have made during many years, that even one unexpected, strong, unapologetic defense of Catholic Truth in a heated discussion is bound to cause a profound impression in intelligent and receptive minds. The unexpected wall of granite – nay: very often, the discovery of the very existence of such a wall of granite as proper Catholicism – will get deep into the consciousness of such minds. It might be buried there, perhaps for a long time. But it will still linger deep in their mind, ready to emerge when a shocking event, a bereavement, or another Providential occurrence “triggers” it into life. Then it may happen that people who don’t remember your name remember your faith, and that wall of granite; because God is wonderful like that.

We do not fight this battle to win it today. The battle is won already. We are merely given the beautiful chance to cooperate with God’s Grace by taking part in this already won battle.

We are also not isolated, or marginalised. We are in the company of all Angels and Saints. It is the heretics that are isolated and marginalised, and in the company of Satan.

Join the battle! It is glorious to have an extremely small part in it as a humble warrior ant, and it is miserable to be a tool of Satan like Cardinal Cupich, or Pope Francis The Heretic.

We win. They lose. That’s all you need to know to enter the battle.


Capital Punishment: A Catholic Take

Read this instead of Francis’ heresies.

Cardinal Wuerl Made The Funniest Proposal

“No Homo!”

Cardinal Wuerl has made the funniest proposals, that US Bishops should be investigated by… US Bishops in order to see whether, by chance, after years of extremely careful deliberation, any of them might have done something suboptimal, making the creation if another committee of US Bishops – in charge with proposing changes to the current practice – practically unavoidable.

If I didn’t know better, I would truly think that Cardinal Wuerl is a compromised sodomite, accomplice and enabler of sodomites and paedophiles, terrified of any serious, independent investigation on his own private ĺife and conduct in office. But this clearly cannot be, because the man wears a red hat; and is therefore, or so I was told, entitled to our unquestioning trust in his own saintliness.

The author of this little effort has a different proposal on how to deal with the scandal. It involves the police, a very public prosecution of the culprits and their enablers and, whenever appropriate, harsh jail sentences for this bunch of criminals. No retirement in “prayer” in some obscure monastery. No assignment to a parish in the boonies. A cold, hard jail cell, for everyone to see, and please throw away the key.

As I am there, I will wonder why the likes of Rudolph Hess could remain in jail until a very old age, but a monster like McCarrick, whose degree of evil vastly, vastly surpasses Hess’, should be spared indictment, trial and jail sentence, if the abuse of minor is – as we all bloody well know would be – proved in court. Why should a man like McCarrick, who has abused the Church of Christ in the most atrocious way, be allowed to escape an exemplary punishment because of the prestige his position affords? Let the bastard rot in a jail. It would still be a very late, and very mild, punishment.

We are done with stupid committees from perverted bishops. Let it be known, all over the Catholic world, that the words “Bishop” and “Cardinal” have become – with the rare exception – byword for faithless cowards, sodomites, paedophiles or enablers of them.

The Church will start to recover when we realise that we have been led by a bunch of unspeakable scoundrels, either because or action or of omission, for several decades now. So no, Cardinal Wuerl. No damn bishop committee to save your, if the allegations are true,very sorry ass.


Time For Francis To Resign

Pope Francis has been requested to “act” in the matter of homopaedoclergy.

It really made me laugh.

Francis is not part of the solution. He is part of the problem.

Remember the famous 300 page report about the sodomite infiltration within the Church prepared for Benedict? What has become of that? How can anyone have any confidence that Francis may have any desire to deal with HomopaedoChurch?

Francis’ Papacy is deeply embedded in sodomitical behaviour an cover up of the worst indecencies, and it needs to go down together with it.

Catholic outlets should start to realise, and to tell their readers, that never has a fish stunk so much from the head as this one; and that Francis needs to resign instead of being called to be the one who solves a problem he has helped to fester every day of his indecent pontificate.

If you notice a problem of Communist infiltration within your army, do you call Josef Stalin to deal with it?

Francis always stresses that he feels like a simple bishop. Let him handle like one, then, and step aside.

He can still go back to Argentina, to his dear cobbler, and finish his day as a priest in some Argentinean slum; stinking of sheep, as he does already.


Heresy As Deflection?



“Hmmmm… I need a heresy, quick!….”


I have read around the hypothesis that Pope Francis The Heretic, aka as The Evil Clown,  might have dropped the bomb of the formal heresy concerning the Capital Punishment in order to deflect the attention from the paedoscandals of his various friends from the USA to Honduras.

I do think the man could be, in fact, as stupid as that.

However, there is a problem (for him): outside of our Catholic circles people really do not care what the Pope says. They do, however, care for the prosecution of pedophiles, and so does the police; at least, if you live in the UK, as long as the paedophiles aren’t Muslims.

The day after the biggest heretical bombs of the last 700 years I went to work in what used to be the Dowry of Mary, and no one said one word to me about the Pope. Nothing. Not one peep.

The Pope could dance the lambada with Cardinal Cupich in St Peter’s Square and this would get him a 10 seconds clip on the BBC between a reportage about “global warming” and an interview to some feminist bitch about the “glass ceiling”. No one who is not a (fairly interested) Catholic would care a straw after the short amusement. It would be forgotten within three minutes.

McCarrick and Co’s problems are in a different league. Prosecutors in Honduras, Chile and the United States are going to go at this and I don’t think there will be much of a cover up at least in the last two of the three States. This is going to stay with Francis for years (if, alas, he lives that long), and no heretical stunt is going to get one prosecutor off his back.

So yeah, if this was the calculation, is was just as dumb as the rest.





Throw Away Your JP II Catechism NOW!




The astonishing (if we did not know the man) episode of formal heresy concerning the Capital Punishment teaches us some lessons that may not be pleasant but are, in my eyes, very salutary. 

Pope Francis the Heretic, aka The Evil Clown, has not emerged from the earth like some satanical mushroom. He is the product of a mentality that has belittled and undermined Catholic teaching for decades.

Pope John Paul II the Not-So-Great has given us a horrible Catechism. This Catechism already had in itself the cancer cells that have now metastatised in Pope Francis The Heretic. 

JP II’s Catechism does what the Church of Vatican II has done for decades: it tries to accommodate the world and to hush inconvenient truths about the Faith. The paragraphs about the Capital Punishment are an egregious example of this mentality pandering to the world instead of teaching it.  

One Pope comes and says that yeah, the teaching of the Church cannot be changed; but hey, our sociology and psychology is now so much more advanced than Christ’s that we can now put this teaching in the darkest corner of the Barque of Peter; in theory, still available  for use; but in practice, never to be used. Is it so surprising that, a quarter of a century later, another Pope comes and says that this unused instrument can now be thrown overboard? 

Whilst there is still a huge difference between JP II’s and the Evil Clown’s approach – a difference in nature, not only in degree – no one can deny that the first paved the way for the second. JP II’s Catechism is the gateway drug to the Evil Clown’s Satanical Crack Cocaine.

Again, and as stated in the linked blog post, there is a silver lining in all this: the possibility for very many to react to this obvious heresy by embracing truth in toto rather than in the adulterated V II fashion.

Throw away your JP II Catechism, NOW! Decide that you will, from now on, have nothing to do with any watered down Catholic teaching. Plenty of traditional resources online (example here: you only need a short research) and in brick and mortar or online bookstores. 

One thing will Pope Francis the Heretic teach to countless Catholics: that it is time to throw away the entire V II balderdash with it. 





Vade Retro, Francisce: Pope Francis The Heretic In Formal Heresy On Capital Punishment

evil clown

“,, and today, children, we change Truth…”

The Evil Clown has given us in recent days further proof that he is, at this point, completely in the hands of Satan. 

Firstly, a basic concept: no Pope can change Church doctrine. 

Whilst doctrine can evolve in the sense that it gets more complex as real life causes (or forces, as in the case of heresies) a refinement and deepening of the concepts already therein contained, this can never mean that something becomes something else. Obviously, it can also even less mean that something becomes the contrary of what it was before. 

This is clearly obvious to every Catholic. The Problem is that this Pope is pretty much as Catholic as Satan is. Therefore, you wake up one morning and discover that Francis thinks (the operative word here is… thinks) that the constant teaching of the Church on Capital punishment can be changed. 

If anyone is so dumb, or evil, to believe this, may the Lord have mercy on him. 

What Francis is saying is that… Catholicism is a lie. 

If the Church can “evolve” and discover that She was wrong all these 2000 years in something so important as (verbatim) life and death, this means that Christ has allowed His Church to spread evil as unchangeable Catholic teaching for 2000 years. This, in turn, means that the Church is a fraud, and everything She has ever taught is as disposable as a paper napkin (or, in case, Francis’ incontinence pads). Everyone who is evil enough to believe that Francis can change doctrine on Capital Punishment must, logically,  think the same on abortion, divorce, communion, the whole lot of the Catholic Faith.  

This is also, just so there is no doubt, formal (not material anymore) heresy. Francis is not giving an interpretation of existing teaching which is (though he does not understand it) objectively heretical. He is, very officially, saying that what was right is now wrong. You can’t find a better example of formal heresy than a Pope saying that the Capital Punishment is “inadmissible”, and neither you nor I nor any other Catholic with a shred of common sense and intellectual honesty is authorised to care a straw that the Pope says “inadmissible” instead of “wrong”, as the meaning and the effect are exactly the same. 

At this point, this satanical individual has stopped shocking me. There is, as I have already written in the past, nothing that would let me say of him “I would have never thought that he could do this”. If it were to turn out that he celebrates black masses, or has screwed children, or his mother, I would not be surprised, either. 

We have now to wait and see whether among that bunch of Reprobates calling themselves Bishops and Cardinals someone (hopefully, someone without a collection of bras) is man enough to denounce the heresy and the Pope who spreads it. I will not be holding my breath. 

The silver lining in all this is this: a good Lord allowed this satanical individual to abandon himself to his folly to this point, so that even the most tepid Catholic may be given the opportunity to choose Him instead of that clown. In the darkest hour, Providence is working for us. 

Pope Francis the Heretic, go to hell without me. 

Let those who want to be blinded pay the price of their rebellion.  

We stay on the side of two thousand years of Catholics before us.








Worse Than Cowardinals?

How many are like this one?

Seriously, how would a Conclave look like, from the inside, today?

Screeching, bitching voices? Wrists dangling in the air? Old men in drags? Lewd acts between old “lovers”?

How many Cardinals are homos? How many do not ever care to hide it in their circles, sure of impunity? And how many (hopefully the majority; but at this point, who knows?) are straight, but too afraid of doing anything?

Remember when Paper Tiger Cowardinal Burke started to talk of a correction due anytime from (please don’t laugh) January 2017? Could it be that Paper Tiger roared because he thought he had the support of a couple of dozen other Cowardinals, and the Vatican Gay Mafia silenced them because they were all compromised, many of them with sodomy?

Seriously, we must pose the question now: in a world in which a McCarrick is given the highest honours and no one of his colleagues says a peep, how many are sodomites like him?

I used to think of the College of Cardinals as a bunch of cowardly old men too attached to their honours, prestige and comforts.

I wonder now if they are not Fairy Central instead.




It is absurd to let a huge number of young people congregate when it is clear many of the priests who will come in contact with them are homosexual.


This is not the time for another expensive exercise in public relations. This is time for serious self reflection followed by brutal excision of the cancer in the Church.


We have enough of public initiatives intended to very publicly undermine the Catholic message on family and chastity.


With the storm currently going on, this will only attract more criticism of the Church from the wrong people (whom Francis like) and for the wrong motives (which Francis like, too).


A Pope suspected of covering up for his own Cardinals has no place opening his mouth about the Family.


All these gatherings are, in fact, near occasions of sin and an invitation to fornication for the many young people attending.


There were no such exercises in the Time of Sanity.

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