Reblog: The Cowardinals Need To Grow A Pair

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Many people in Italy know the story of the 1268-1271 Conclave in Viterbo. The Cardinals were unable to reach an agreement, with very hardened fronts. The populace became increasingly frustrated with this and recurred to various measures to “persuade” the Cardinals to make a decision. First, they locked the Cardinals inside the palace (some say this was the first Conclave); then, they reduced their food rations. When not even this worked, they proceeded to take away the roof of the building, leaving the Cardinals literally in the cold.

Promptly, a new Pope was elected.

There is no denying that, by every present and former standard, undue pressure was exercised on the Cardinals, a pressure threatening, at the end, their very lives.

It is, to my knowledge, not known that anyone asked for the Conclave to be considered invalid (which was always a possibility, even before JP II’s rule – the…

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