Worse Than Cowardinals?

How many are like this one?

Seriously, how would a Conclave look like, from the inside, today?

Screeching, bitching voices? Wrists dangling in the air? Old men in drags? Lewd acts between old “lovers”?

How many Cardinals are homos? How many do not ever care to hide it in their circles, sure of impunity? And how many (hopefully the majority; but at this point, who knows?) are straight, but too afraid of doing anything?

Remember when Paper Tiger Cowardinal Burke started to talk of a correction due anytime from (please don’t laugh) January 2017? Could it be that Paper Tiger roared because he thought he had the support of a couple of dozen other Cowardinals, and the Vatican Gay Mafia silenced them because they were all compromised, many of them with sodomy?

Seriously, we must pose the question now: in a world in which a McCarrick is given the highest honours and no one of his colleagues says a peep, how many are sodomites like him?

I used to think of the College of Cardinals as a bunch of cowardly old men too attached to their honours, prestige and comforts.

I wonder now if they are not Fairy Central instead.


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  1. With all due respect, sir, the question is NOT any more “How many cardinals are homos?” The question is who that is ordained is not? Who that is presently in seminary is not?

    Guy Mcclung, Texas

  2. Fairy Central. And worse. Demon infested Central.

    Now we see this fake, this poser, on the throne, deciding for himself to change dogma on the death penalty. People believe he can do it, the media believes he can do it, so it’s as good as done, because that’s how the world works now. No one in power will seriously oppose him. He saw the anger rising over the relentless child molesting of his men, he had to do something to get our minds off of that issue, and voila! Here he is, the pope to the rescue! “I’ll save you (homo pals), wait til they get a load of this!”. And it works.

    We are almost done with this church. It is the Church of Satan.

  3. You sure have a way of getting to the nub of things Mundabor. Keep up your good work. We need divine intervention. And then an inquisition.
    See: https://www.crisismagazine.com/2018/fetid-sea-swim

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