Heresy As Deflection?



“Hmmmm… I need a heresy, quick!….”


I have read around the hypothesis that Pope Francis The Heretic, aka as The Evil Clown,  might have dropped the bomb of the formal heresy concerning the Capital Punishment in order to deflect the attention from the paedoscandals of his various friends from the USA to Honduras.

I do think the man could be, in fact, as stupid as that.

However, there is a problem (for him): outside of our Catholic circles people really do not care what the Pope says. They do, however, care for the prosecution of pedophiles, and so does the police; at least, if you live in the UK, as long as the paedophiles aren’t Muslims.

The day after the biggest heretical bombs of the last 700 years I went to work in what used to be the Dowry of Mary, and no one said one word to me about the Pope. Nothing. Not one peep.

The Pope could dance the lambada with Cardinal Cupich in St Peter’s Square and this would get him a 10 seconds clip on the BBC between a reportage about “global warming” and an interview to some feminist bitch about the “glass ceiling”. No one who is not a (fairly interested) Catholic would care a straw after the short amusement. It would be forgotten within three minutes.

McCarrick and Co’s problems are in a different league. Prosecutors in Honduras, Chile and the United States are going to go at this and I don’t think there will be much of a cover up at least in the last two of the three States. This is going to stay with Francis for years (if, alas, he lives that long), and no heretical stunt is going to get one prosecutor off his back.

So yeah, if this was the calculation, is was just as dumb as the rest.





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  1. My theory is it wasn’t a deflection it was a preemptive defensive act. It was a virtue signal to all those in the demonic network he is a part of that he can still be their savior and protect them (for a cost of course) when the depths of depravity really come to light and the laity and secular’s demand and scream for the death penalty.
    I get the sense that the evil we have seen is merely the tip of the iceberg. That when the depth and breadth of the full rot and evil have been exposed, that heads will literally roll…or at least be called to roll…and the world obsessed, man centered, ‘we cannot die’ cabal will hasten to find ways to prolong their lives, escape justice and stick it to us and Christ as long as possible any way they can including calling capital punishment “sin.”
    We, via the state, would be killing them…of course it would be sin since they think they are gods.
    *sigh* what evil and insane times we live in Mundy:+( Thank goodness Our Lord has given us the grace to not only endure but to shine for Him. He is so good:+) God bless~

  2. It effectively fired up a debate between goofy Catholics who don’t realize we don’t need to debate it. There are just a lot of dumb people, and many of them are Catholics. So when the pope starts a conversation by upending a settled teaching, on his own, without debate, by quoting himself only, there are plenty of Catholics who will then accept he has the right to do that, or will dismiss his overstep with one quick virtue-signaling statement “sniff…I don’t believe in the death penalty so this is fine with me…” and that’s that, case closed.
    I hope you’re right, and prosecutors throw the whole lot in jail. My husband and I agree, it would be better to have three real Catholic churches available in each state, that had good priests and bishops and held the faith, than the heretic church on every corner and more homosexual predators than we can shake a stick at. We are fed up with these horrible child predators and apostates. We are really developing a loathing for the church and almost want to see it go down, rather than continue on as a depraved institution filled with depraved men. These men are so arrogant. They feel Catholics will continue to show up and keep the checks rolling in. I don’t think that’s true, and without some asses in the seats, even Jeffrey Sach’s doesn’t have enough money to keep it all going, and they can’t hold Masses by themselves. Not forever. The power of NOT being there, is actually powerful, and may be the only weapon the faithful actually have, the nuclear option. All options need to be on the table. They take too much for granted. We demand meaningful change and we DON’T mean another “process”.

  3. Sorry for disturb, but you SHOULD SEE THIS…
    ITS – H U G E –
    The “vatican” already has the CHANGES ON THE HOMOTHING for the “catechism” !”!!!
    and it passes to be from VERSUS NATURE to change to “you born that way! ITS NATURE!”
    Perdonden, pero, TIENEN QUE VER ESTO….
    ES -E N O R M E- !!!
    LO de la “pena de muerte” fue SOLO UNA PRUEBA !!!
    Ahora lo del homosexualismo (cuyo cambio ya esta listo!) pasa de ser CONTRA NATURA a ser -asi naciste! es NATURAL!-

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